The Cost of Disney World Tickets Through The Years

Published date on May 6, 2016

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Walt Disney World in Florida is known as the place “Where Dreams Come True”. Disney World is the most visited vacation resort in the world and has been open for over 45 years. Walt Disney World opened its doors on October 1, 1971 and quickly became an unforgettable vacation destination for families. Watch our timeline video below that goes through all the Disney World ticket price changes!

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Disney World Ticket Cost Timeline Video

disney world opens

Throughout the years, the park has expanded and added new attractions and resorts. The particular privilege of stepping foot inside the park comes at a hefty ticket price as the cost of Disney tickets has just kept rising throughout the forty-five year history.

When the park first opened its doors, the ticket prices were relatively low. The amusement park charged an entry fee for all ages. The general admission fee was different depending on the age of the visitor. Those between the ages of 12-17 paid for a junior ticket. Those between the ages of 3-11 paid for a children’s ticket. I am quite sure that most wish that it would still be classified in the same manner.

Disney Ticket Cost In 1971

Ticket price for a Day for Adults: $3.50
Ticket price for a Day for Juniors: $2.50
Ticket price for a Day for Children: $1.00

First Disney World Ticket
First Disney World Ticket

The cost for an adult one-day ticket to Magic Kingdom was $3.50. Juniors paid $2.50 and children paid $1.00. Once inside the park, each attraction ride had an individual cost. There were 28 rides and each had a fee. There were 5 attractions that were included in the ticket price of admission. The attraction rides cost about 10 to 90 cents for adults. Ticket booklets with 7 tickets could be purchased for $4.50 for adults and additional tickets were 10-90 cents depending on the attraction. Juniors and children paid $4.00 and $3.50 respectively. The attraction rides were coded either A, B, C, D, or E. A-ticket rides had 4 attractions for $.10, B-ticket rides had 4 attractions for $.25, C-ticket rides had 7 attractions for $.50, D-ticket rides had 6 attractions for $.75, and E-tickets had 5 attractions for $.90.

*It is important to note that when Disney World opened in 1971, there was only half the number of attractions that exist now.

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WDW Walt & Mickey on luggage

Disney Ticket Cost In 1972

Adults: $3.75
Juniors: $2.75
Children: $1.25

One year later after opening its doors, the ticket prices were increased. Ticket ticket prices went up to $3.75 for adults. The ticket price rose 25 cents for adults, juniors, and children. With the general admission cost rise, the ticket booklet ticket price also rose. The ticket booklets were $4.95, with a 45-cent increased for all ages. However, the ticket booklets were switched and now came with 8 tickets instead of 7. During this year, Merlin’s Magic Shop in Fantasyland and the Olde World Antiques shop opened in Liberty Square.

Disney Ticket Cost In 1973

Adults: $4.50
Juniors: $3.50
Children: $1.50

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A year later ticket prices were increased again. In the two years that Disney World was open, it had around 20 million visitors. Each age now paid 75 cents more for admission than the previous year. By the end of the year, the Pirates of the Caribbean, the Plaza Swan Boats, the Richard F. Irvine Riverboat, the Tom Sawyer Island, and the Tom Sawyer Island Rafts attractions opened. The Disney Inn and the Gold Resort hotels opened as well.

Pirates of the Caribbean - 1973

Disney Ticket Cost In 1974

Adults: $5.25
Juniors: $4.25
Children: $2.25

Ticket prices increased 75 cents again in the middle of 1974. This year the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue and the Star Jets attractions opened. The attendance at the Magic Kingdom hit a record for the theme parks in December. 74,597 visitors entered the park in one day, which forced the park to close its entrance gates that day. However, overall attendance throughout the year decreased. This can be attributed to an increase in gasoline ticket prices.

Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue - 1974
Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue – 1974

Disney Ticket Cost From 1975-1977

Adults: $6.00
Juniors: $5.00
Children: $3.00

The ticket price rose 75 cents from 1974 but it remained the same through 1977. The Carousel of Progress, the Mission to Mars, and the Space Mountain attractions opened. In addition, the River Country water park and the Empress Lilly riverboat opened.


Space Mountain - 1975
Space Mountain – 1975

Disney Ticket Cost In 1978

Adults: $6.50
Juniors: $4.00
Children: $3.50

In 1978, ticket prices raised again after a three-year period. Ticket prices during the past years had consistently risen by 75 cents. Ticket prices were raised, but only 50 cents more than the previous year.

Disney Ticket Cost In 1979

Adults: $7.00
Juniors: $4.50
Children: $4.00

The ticket price increased this year was just 50 cents. The ticket price increased every year and continued to be justified due to the constructions and addition of new attractions most years. The all-time attendance kept increasing, with the 100 millionth guest visiting the park this year.

Disney Ticket Cost In 1980

Adults: $7.50-8.00
Juniors: $4.50-5.00
Children: $4.00-4.50

This year the costs for tickets were raised twice in one year! In March, tickets were raised by .50 cents to $7.50. Again, in November ticket prices were raised another 50 cents to $8.00. The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride opened. The cost to build this ride was $17 million. This was the last year in which ticket prices were raised in the two digits.

The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - 1980
The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – 1980

Disney Ticket Cost In 1981

Adults: $9.50
Juniors: $6.50
Children: $6.00

For the first time ever, ticket prices increased $1.50 for general admission tickets. Adults were now paying $9.50 for general admission. Individually priced tickets for rides were eliminated this year.

Disney Ticket Cost In 1982

Adults: $13.50-15.00
Juniors: $10.25
Children: $9.75

A one-day ticket in 1982 cost $13.50 by June. This was a substantial ticket price hike of $3.75. Disney World kept expanding and building new projects that were expensive. There was another ticket price increase in September of $1.75 more per ticket. Epcot opened and it was a huge project which cost $1.2 billion to build. The only way for Disney World to cover the cost was to raise ticket prices.


Disney Epcot Opening - 1982
Disney Epcot Opening – 1982

Disney Ticket Cost In 1983

Adults: $17.00
Juniors: $12.25
Children: $11.75

Two new hotels were opened this year, the Buena Vista Palace and the Hilton Hotel. Ticket prices increased by $2.00.

Disney Ticket Cost In 1984

Adults: $18.00
Children: $12.75

Disney started the year by eliminating the Junior ticket price category. The age range for children was changed from 3-11 to 3-12 years old. Everyone above the age of 12 had to pay for the adult ticket price now. Ticket prices were then raised $1.00.

Disney Ticket Cost In 1985

Adults: $19.50-21.50
Children: $14.25-16.25

In June, ticket prices were raised by $1.50 and again in November up to $2.00. At the end of this year, it was announced there were plans to build Hollywood-style theme park at Walt Disney World. The cost to build this was estimated to be $300 million.

Disney Ticket Cost In 1986

Adults: $23-26.00
Children: $20.75

This year there were three ticket price increased in just one year. Tickets were raised three times by $1.50. The EPCOT Center continued having new openings. The Biscuit Barrel shop and the Living Seas attraction opened in EPCOT Center. New food facilities opened as well, the Crockett’s Tavern and the Gurgi’s Munchies and Crunchies fast-food facility opened. Construction began on the Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park.

Living Seas Entrance

Disney Ticket Cost In 1987

Adults: $28.00
Children: $22.75

The If You Could Fly attraction was opened and the Pickett Suite Resort hotel on Lake Buena Vista. Ticket prices increased by $2.00.

Disney Ticket Cost In 1989

Adults: $29.00
Children: $23.75

After a one year of no ticket price increased, admission was raised by $1. Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park opens to the public. Although, it was estimated to cost $300 million, the end result is higher at $500 million and $30 million just on advertisements. Various attractions, restaurants, and shops opened on the 135 acres land. In addition, the Typhoon Lagoon water park and the Delta Dreamflight attractions opened. Ticket prices increased by $1.00.

Disney-MGM Studios Opening - 1989
Disney-MGM Studios Opening – 1989

Disney Ticket Cost In 1990

Adults: $31.00
Children: $25.75

The Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Adventure Zone and Mickey’s Starland attractions opened. Various hotels were opened, Disney’s Beach Club Resort, Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, and the Walt Disney World Swan hotel. Chef Mickey’s restaurant and a nightclub by the name of The Cage open as well. The ‘90s were the start of heavy investments for new developments. Ticket prices increased by $2.00.

Disney Honey I Shrunk The Kids Movie Adventure
Disney Honey I Shrunk The Kids Movie Adventure

Disney Ticket Cost In 1991

Adults: $33.00
Children: $27.75

Various restaurants were opened, the Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano, the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater, and the Studio Pizzeria. A new hotel called the Disney’s Port Orleans Resort opened its doors. At the Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park, the Studio Showcase attraction opened. Ticket prices increased by $2.00.

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater
Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater

Disney Ticket Cost In 1992

Adults: $34.00
Children: $28.75

A new hotel, Disney’s Dixie Landings Resort and the restaurant, the San Angel Inn opened. At the end of year, it was announced Disney would build three more resorts and a water theme park. Ticket prices increased by $1.00.

Disney Ticket Cost In 1993

Adults: $35.00
Children: $29.75

Lumiere’s Kitchen and the Garden Grill restaurants opened. The Dumbo Flying Elephants attraction was remodeled. The Splashdown Photos shop was opened. Ticket prices increased by $1.00.

Disney Ticket Cost In 1994

Adults: $36.00
Children: $30.75

The Artist Point restaurant, the Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café, the Sports End-Zone Food Court, the Pasta Piazza Ristorante, Planet Hollywood restaurant, and the Whispering Canyon Cafe opened. The Legend of the Lion King, the Timekeeper, and the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attractions opened. After a renovation, the Snow White’s Adventures attraction re-opened. Ticket prices increased by $1.00.

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Disney Ticket Cost In 1995

Adults: $37.00
Children: $31.75

The Courtyard by Marriott hotel and the Fairy Tale Wedding Pavilion opened. The Astro Orbiter, the ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter, and the Penny Arcade were opened. The Blizzard Beach water park, the Ohana and the California Grill restaurants were opened. Ticket prices increased by $1.00.

Astro Orbiter
Astro Orbiter

Disney Ticket Cost In 1996

Adults: $38.50
Children: $33.25

1996, was not the exception to new openings. Disney celebrated its 25th anniversary. Disney continued opening new things, this year with the Disney Institute, the GM Preview Center, the Celebration Golf Club, the Toontown Hall of Fame, and the Boardwalk. The park underwent some renovations and closed some attractions. Ticket prices increased by $1.25.

Disney 25th Anniversary
Disney 25th Anniversary

Disney Ticket Cost In 1997

Adults: $39.75
Children: $34.50

A new resort opened under the name of the Coronado Springs resort and the Downtown Disney area opened. Ticket prices increased by $1.25.

Disney Ticket Cost In 1998

Adults: $42.00
Children: $36.75

Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened in Orlando, Florida. The Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin attraction and the Hollywood & Vine Cafeteria of the Stars opened. Ticket prices increased by $2.25.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Opening Day Ceremony
Disney’s Animal Kingdom Opening Day Ceremony

Disney Ticket Cost In 1999

Adults: $44.00
Children: $38.75

The Journey Into Your Imagination, the Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster and the Test Track attractions opened. The Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort opened and Disney began celebrating its Millennium Celebration. The celebration ran for fifteen months carrying over to 2000. Ticket prices increased by $2.00.

Epcot Test Track Opening - 1999 (Orlando Sentinel)
Ecpot Test Track Opening – 1999 (Orlando Sentinel)

Disney Ticket Cost In 2000

Adults: $46.00
Children: $40.75

Walt Disney World continued the Millennium Celebration this year. This year there were no new attractions, shops, or restaurants opened. The ticket price increased to cover the costs for all of the expenses and of course, the Millennium Celebration. Ticket prices increased by $2.00.

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Disney Ticket Cost In 2001

Adults: $48.00
Children: $42.75

New attractions were opened, the Magic Carpets of Aladdin and the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire attraction. Walt Disney World began celebrating Walt Disney’s birth with the 100 Years of Magic celebration. Ticket prices increased by $2.00.

Walt Disney 100 Years of Magic Celebration
Walt Disney 100 Years of Magic Celebration

Disney Ticket Cost In 2002

Adults: $50.00
Children: $44.75

In 2005, Disneyland celebrated its 50th anniversary. The Disney’s Pop Century and the Disney’s Beach Club Villas resorts opened. Ticket prices increased by $2.00.

Disney’s Pop Century Resort

Disney Ticket Cost In 2003

Adults: $52.00
Children: $46.75

An attraction that cost $150 million to build opened, the Mission: Space at Epcot. Ticket prices increased by $2.00.

Epcot's Mission: Space
Epcot’s Mission: Space

Disney Ticket Cost In 2004

Adults: $54.75
Children: $49.50

The Stitch’s Great Escape and the Turtle Talk with Crush attractions opened. The Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa opened. Ticket prices increased by $2.75 for adults and children.

Disney Ticket Cost In 2005

Adults: $59.75
Children: $54.50

The ticket price increased to $5.00 for admission. It was the all-time highest in history at the time.

Disney Ticket Cost In 2006

Adults: $63-67.00
Children: $57.75-61.75

Ticket prices were raised again surpassing the record from the previous year. Tickets were raised twice, by $3.25 and then $4.00.

Disney Ticket Cost In 2007

Adults: $71.00
Children: $65.75

Renovations slowed down, but the ticket price was still raised by $4.

Disney Ticket Cost In 2008

Adults: $75.00
Children: $69.75

To be replaced, certain shops and restaurants were closed in conjunction with a $4 increased.

Disney Ticket Cost In 2009

Adults: $79.00
Children: $73.75

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The Space Mountain attraction was closed for refurbishment and then opened again at the end of the year. The ticket price increased by $4.00.

Disney Ticket Cost In 2010

Adults: $82.00
Children: $76.75

The new street show, Disney Channel Rocks commenced and while the ticket price increased it was only $3 more.

Disney Ticket Cost In 2011

Adults: $85.00
Children: $76.75

Ticket prices were raised by $3 based on all the expansions that were made in the previous years.

Disney Ticket Cost In 2012

Adults: $89.00
Children: $79.75

To continue keeping up with the other theme parks, ticket prices were raised by $4.

Disney Ticket Cost In 2013

Adults: $90-95.00
Children: $80.75-86.75

This was the first year in which Disney raised the ticket price with the biggest jump at one time. Ticket prices went up $7 more than the previous year.

Disney Ticket Cost In 2014

Adults: $94-99.00
Children: $90.75-94.75

This year as the economy has improved. Ticket prices were raised by a whole $8.

Disney Ticket Cost In 2015

Adults: $105.00
Children: $99.00

2015 was the first time the cost of Disney tickets to Disney World went over $100 for adults. The park offers much more than it did when it first opened its doors. A record attendance and many new developments and renovations at the theme park have justified the ticket prices being raised.

Ticket Cost In 2016 And Beyond

Value: $97.00
Regular:  $102.00
Peak: $114.00

2016 is the year that Disney introduced seasonal pricing based off demand. The ticket prices will rise during peak season and fall during low season. This new tiered pricing starts at $97 for the value season and can go up to $124 during peak season.

So how much higher do you think Disney World tickets prices will go? With the current expansions going on and talks of future expansion, that question may not be answered for a very long time. So live in the moment and soak up the wonderful experiences that so many are having at the magical world of Disney.

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