Trainer Tips for Playing Pokemon Go!

Ask anyone of any age, what’s the latest craze? Unless they’ve been in a cave without WIFI, they will respond Pokemon Go. Seaworld has jumped on the bandwagon going a little further with wise hints and tips.

Pokemon Ultimate Guide Seaworld

Have you been playing Pokemon? Silly question, of course you have. The real question is have you been playing at SeaWorld? Because your fellow trainers are…

And they’ve got a few tips for you:

Pokemon balls Seaworld

1. Stock up on Pokéballs.

Did you know SeaWorld Orlando has over 25 Pokémon stops throughout the park?

Charging Stations at Seaworld

2. Remember to charge up!

It’s no secret that you’ll need some extra juice if you’re going to play all day, so stop by one of the park’s charging stations.

SeaWorld Orlando Offers New Cell Phone Charging Stations

Pokemon Game Plan poster


3. Get in a workout before the day is over.

There are 2 Pokémon gyms located within the SeaWorld Orlando park.

Don’t forget – follow the rules and be safe!

Please do not use your phone or device while on any rides. A lost or broken phone means no more Pokémon

Do not enter any restricted areas, including “employee only” or “ride restricted” areas.

Pokémon beyond these points are being well cared for by our world-class trainers – and only our trainers.

Always be on the lookout for the next Pokémon, but you’ll also want to be on the lookout for other people and objects around the park.

Be safe while walking and looking at your phone or device!

After taking these wise precautions, enjoy the hunt!