SeaWorld Flamingos Celebrate First Day of Autumn in Pumpkin Patch

Fox News reports SeaWorld flamingos play in pumpkin patch to celebrate first day of Autumn!



Flamingos at SeaWorld Orlando were greeted with a big surprise Thursday: a bountiful pumpkin patch to celebrate the first day of fall.

In a release, officials said, “Throughout the year, SeaWorld’s animal care and training teams continually introduce new ways to enrich the animal environments in the park. Unique activities, such as putting lettuce among the pumpkins pique the flamingos’ interest and offer something new for them to see and explore. Holistic behavioral programs like this one focus on health, exercise and provide additional mental challenge and fun for the animals.”

 While Floridians are not yet feeling crisp fall air when they step outside, SeaWorld’s aviculturists said they “couldn’t wait to give the tropical birds a taste of the new season coupled with a peek at its prettiest colors.”

via Fox News