Pizza Vending Machines-Will We See Them in Orlando Theme Parks?

According to Pizza, The vending machine market has keeps expanding and attracting more customers throughout the world. Rapid urbanization, increased traffic in public places, and people’s changing habits with the advent of technology have contributed to this growth. In addition, the machines’ ease of use, the availability of secure payment options, and 24/7 functionality are also factors that encourage the public to buy from vending machines. For the entrepreneur, investing in this type of business is also very advantageous due to the lower operating costs and reduced business downtime.

“Our machine boasts high technology and a system that allows you to remotely track everything that happens on the machine in real time. Our ovens bake the pizza like a professional, without losing out to a pizza prepared in a pizzeria.”

With the advance of technology, vending machines have undergone a digital transformation, and now provide customers with a more pleasant and interactive experience. The machines no longer just offer coffee and soft drinks; they have begun to receive beauty products, pizzas, and even bouquets of flowers. In the USA, the Pizza Touch vending machine is capable of preparing a pizza in just 2 minutes. A customer only needs to choose the pizza flavor, pay with cash or by card, and wait for it to come out ready. In a matter of seconds the machine serves up a hot and tasty pizza quickly and cheaply.

Pizza Touch Vending Machine in Gas Station

Machines like Pizza Touch pose a new challenge to the retail market, which does not provide the convenience, comfort and rapidity that the machine affords consumers; nor does it provide the profit margins and reduced labor costs that investors find when investing in this type of business.

With the Pizza Touch machines the attraction is greater, Americans spend more than US $30 billion on pizza and normally eat it at least once a week.

More than 350 slices of pizza were eaten every second by American consumers in 2015.

Pizza Touch is one of our group’s main projects, and we are proud to be pioneers of this business model in the United States.

Currently, the United States represents the largest market with almost 5 million vending machines in operation. To give you an idea, the total profit generated by the vending machine industry exceeds US$7 billion annually. This data makes it crystal clear that this type of business has been accepted and approved by American consumers.

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Be on the look out for a Pizza Touch near you!