‘Ice Breaker’ roller coaster coming to SeaWorld Orlando in Spring 2020

SeaWorld Orlando finally revealed what’s under construction: ‘Ice Breaker’ roller coaster coming to SeaWorld Orlando in Spring 2020. A bright orange family-friendly launch coaster called Ice Breaker that goes both forward and backward up to 52 mph on a 90-second trip.

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens announced Thursday morning new details about attractions coming to Florida parks. Both the announcements at the parks in Orlando and Tampa included new details about the future of SeaWorld and Busch Gardens, including two new roller coasters and two new water rides. Iron Gwazi will open in spring 2020 at Busch Gardens and Ice Breaker will open next year at Seaworld.

Ice Breaker roller coaster

Along with recent and upcoming additions at other parks in the chain, the new coasters would seem to indicate an evolution in the company’s strategy. It’s moving  away from live animal attractions toward thrilling rides.

“When we build roller coasters, we do them a little differently,” says Jonathan Smith, director of rides and engineering for SeaWorld Parks. “We try to integrate them with the causes that we care about, such as animal care, conservation and education.”

‘Ice Breaker’ roller coaster coming to SeaWorld Orlando in Spring 2020, so start planning your trip to experience the new ride.

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