The colorful area known as The Beginning hosts the park entry, ticket and pass sales, Guest Services and much more.

Guest Services

In The Beginning, you will find Guest Services, where our friendly “Model Citizens” (LEGOLAND® employees) are standing by to answer questions and offer assistance.

Island in the Sky

Island in the Sky is a 150- foot rotating platform that gives you a 360° view of LEGOLAND Florida.

Market Restaurant

The Market Restaurant, located in The Beginning, offers a wide variety of offerings for the entire family throughout the day. Open from park opening to closing, be sure to stop in for any of these tasty options. Dietary Concerns: Please call 1-877-350-5346, email or visit Guest Services for specific information if needed.

Big Shop

Located in The Beginning, The Big Shop is the the ultimate LEGO® shopping experience! Everything for the LEGO fan including LEGO toy sets, LEGO exclusives, apparel and logo souvenirs.

Stroller, Wheelchair & ECV Rentals

Strollers, wheelchairs, and ECVs to help you make the most of your LEGOLAND Florida visit. *Inventory available on a first come, first served basis.

Package Pick-Up

Package pick-up is available for purchases made at any of the retail locations inside the park. Make your purchases at any one of our retail locations or custom artwork kiosks and then pick them up at the Package Pick-up area in The Beginning near the Locker and Stroller rental. Please allow two hours between purchase and pick-up.


The Grand Carousel

This double-decker carousel is the centerpiece of Fun Town. Children can choose their favorite horse and giddy up!

Wells Fargo 4D Theater

Three different 4-D movies show throughout the day at LEGOLAND’s largest 4-D theater with seats for more than 600.

The LEGO® Movie 4D: A New Adventure:  Emmet, Wyldstyle, Unikitty, MetalBeard and Benny reunite at the invitation of a shady new character, Risky Business, who plans to open a curious theme park bearing a suspicious resemblance to LEGOLAND.

LEGO® Legends of Chima: Experience this high-speed adventure through the LEGO World of Chima. Soar through mystical landscapes and finish in a super charged battle for CHI between Laval the Lion Prince and Cragger the Crocodile King. Duration: Approximately 12 minutes.

A Clutch Powers 4-D Adventure: When there’s a job to be done, or an adventure to be had, you can bet that Clutch Powers will be there! Duration: Approximately 12 minutes.

Granny’s Apple Fries

A LEGOLAND® original! Indulge in warm Granny Smith apple fries, dusted with cinnamon and sugar and served with a sweet whipped cream dipping sauce! And you’ll love our newest twist – a la mode!

Fun Town Pizza & Pasta Buffet

Fun Town Pizza & Pasta Buffet is our all you can eat dining option offered in the park! Fun Town Pizza & Pasta offers a variety of pizza and pasta. In addition to the pizza and pasta offered, we have a salad bar complete with all the fresh options. Top off your meal with a slice of our cinnamon dessert pizza! Beverages are inclusive of the buffet.

Fun Town Slushies

Beat the heat with an icy treat at Fun Town Slushies! Choose your favorite taste from the variety of flavors we offer, or combine them for a unique treat! Purchase at the beginning of your visit in the park and enjoy discounted slushie refills for the remainder of the day!

LEGO Studio Store

Located in Fun Town, LEGO Studio Store is your one stop shop for your favorite LEGO Building Sets and more from TV and movies including The LEGO Movie™ and Star Wars™.


Choose from hundreds of LEGO elements, accessories and more to customize your own LEGO creations.

Minifigure Market

All things minifigure! Come build and buy your own custom LEGO minifigures.

Trade and Collect Minifigures

Here’s how it works:

Bring or purchase a complete LEGO Minifigure (hair or hat, head, body and legs). Approach a Model Citizen (LEGOLAND Employee) with a Minifigure you would like to trade. Ask to trade. The new Minifigure is yours to keep . . . or trade again and again!  Minifigures must be traded in complete form – hair or hat, head, body and legs. If accessories are included, you are in luck!


Daytona International Speedway

Feel the rush as you experience the “World Center of Racing,” LEGOLAND Florida Resort style. Hundreds of minilanders have filled the stadium and are waiting to cheer you on as you sprint a LEGO brick car along the track to the finish line.

Kennedy Space Center

This re-creation of the famous Florida facility pays tribute to the men and women who have been reaching for the stars for more than 50 years. Models include a U.S. space shuttle and launch pad, the iconic Rocket Garden and the mammoth Vehicle Assembly Building, where spacecraft were readied for launch starting with the Apollo program.


An all-encompassing overview of the Sunshine State! With landmarks from top-to-bottom, don’t miss Mallory Square in Key West, Bok Tower in Central Florida and Antebellum Mansions in the Panhandle.

Pirate’s Shores

Ahoy, me hearties! This be the place where pirates lurk on sandy shores and aboard magnificent sailing ships. From salty ocean waters to a quiet coastal village, this fanciful lagoon recalls the heyday of swashbuckling adventure and quests for buried gold.


Visit several sunny sights from the Golden State, including San Francisco’s skyline, the twists and turns of Lombard Street, the majestic Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39 and Los Angeles landmarks such as the Hollywood Bowl, Griffith Observatory and the world-famous Chinese Theatre.

New York

Stroll alongside the streets of the city that never sleeps. Take in the sights of Rockefeller Plaza, Times Square, The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building, the Guggenheim Museum, the Bronx Zoo and even get a special inside look at Grand Central Station. It’s everything you know and love about the Big Apple, brick style…

Washington D.C.

Explore our nation’s capital and some of its most iconic landmarks without leaving Florida. See faithful re-creations of the White House, complete with first family and Bo, the “first dog”, the Smithsonian, the Washington and Jefferson Monuments and parts of Georgetown. Don’t miss the marching band on the Capitol!

Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas! Stop over to see the world-famous Strip made entirely out of LEGO Bricks. The strip features the Luxor Las Vegas, New York, New York Hotel and Casino, Excalibur, Mirage, Treasure Island, Tropicana, MGM Grand, Venetian, Stratosphere tower and two iconic structures of Paris Las Vegas: the balloon sign and Eiffel Tower. “The Strip” at LEGOLAND Florida Resort also features a miniature wedding chapel, monorails and real-life sounds recorded in Las Vegas.


Guests can enjoy seven of the most famous scenes from the six live-action Star Wars movies, as well as a scene from the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars™ all made out of 1.5 million LEGO bricks built in 1:20 scale. Guests will be further immersed into the Star Wars experience as they pose with life-size LEGO models of Darth Maul, R2-D2 and Darth Vader.

Following a chronological path through the Star Wars™ timeline, LEGOLAND guests retrace the major events of the beloved Saga. Some of the 2,000 LEGO models will be more than 6-feet-tall. Interactive buttons will allow children to activate animations throughout the scenes.


DUPLO Tractor

Toddlers can ride on a tractor just their size and help the farmers plow the corn fields and search for missing farm animals.


Toddlers can board a train on their own or with their parents to explore countryside-themed scenery passing through farms, fishing holes and campgrounds.

DUPLO Tot Spot

DUPLO Tot Spot is designed specially for children under the age of two and features a small slide and colorful playhouse. This a fun, exciting play area that is safe and secure for our youngest DUPLO guests.

DUPLO Splash & Play

Fun, refreshing play area with intermittent water spouts and interactive water elements set among larger than life farm animals with a soft deck for safety.


An air-conditioned play area for children to slide, climb and crawl around a whole host of friendly farm animals.

Baby Care Center

The Baby Care Center provides a nursing and changing area, bottle warming and more! Located inside the DUPLO Farm.


Royal Joust

Youngsters can immerse themselves into a fairytale on Royal Joust. As they take a ride on their very own LEGO horse through a medieval forest, they’ll experience other jousting knights and enchanted creatures along the way.

The Dragon                       

Have a roaring good time as you conquer the twists and turns of this indoor/outdoor steel roller coaster where it’s all about fun and there’s nothing to fear! Feel the breath of the dragon on your face as while exploring life within the enchanted LEGOLAND Florida Resort Castle.

Merlin’s Challenge

Climb aboard a mysterious wooden train ride powered by the wizard’s magic.

The Forestmen’s Hideout

Climb, slide and play in this multi-level tree and rope climb play area. This attraction closes at dusk.

Castle Burger

A feast fit for a king or a knight at LEGO Kingdoms! Enjoy a cheeseburger or hamburger with fresh toppings, accompanied by golden crispy french fries. In addition we also serve grilled chicken salads.

The King’s Market

Become a prince or princess in our open air marketplace. From whimsical role play to dreamy dress up, this is the place to become a hero.



This wooden coaster curves and dips in and around a prehistoric jungle of animated and life-sized LEGO brick dinosaurs.

Beetle Bounce

Launch 15-feet up toward intricate, brightly jeweled LEGO scarab beetles perched atop two monumental obelisks.

Safari Trek

Lions, tigers and elephants, oh my! Can you spot your favorite LEGO animals on this safari ride?

Lost Kingdom Adventure

Take aim and help the LEGO adventurers battle LEGO mummies and skeletons to find the hidden treasure!

Pharaoh’s Revenge

This outdoor attraction lets children and parents fire soft foam balls at enemies and explore the maze of the Pharaoh’s kingdom.

Dino Ice Cream

Enjoy a cool treat from our selection of novelty ice cream items!

Adventure Snacks

Visit our Adventure Snacks location next door to Dino Ice Cream for a snack in Land of Adventure. We offer hot dogs, nachos & cheese and select cold beverages to fuel your adventure!


Boating School

All aboard this fun-filled ride that allows kids to captain their own mini-vessels.

Rescue Academy

Fire Drill! Take control of your fire truck or police vehicle and race to put out the fire.

Ford Jr. Driving School

No backseat driving! Kids can take control and earn their own LEGOLAND Driver’s license at this pint-sized driving school course.

Ford Driving School

Beep! Beep! Kids will learn the rules of the road and earn their own LEGOLAND Driver’s license in this free-wheeling driving attraction!

Flying School

Ready for takeoff! Climb aboard this suspended coaster and take flight!


Kid Power Towers

Pull yourself to the top of a tower, then enjoy a fun “free-fall” to the bottom.

LEGO Mindstorms

*LEGO MINDSTORMS is currently closed. We are always adding and enhancing LEGOLAND Florida Resort to ensure we are providing the best experience for our guests!

Build & Test

*Build & Test is currently closed. We are always adding and enhancing LEGOLAND Florida Resort to ensure we are providing the best experience for our guests!

Warner Bros. Games Zone

*Warner Bros. Games Zone is currently closed. We are always adding and enhancing LEGOLAND Florida Resort to ensure we are providing the best experience for our guests!

I-Zone Panini

*I-Zone Panini is currently closed. We are always adding and enhancing LEGOLAND Florida Resort to ensure we are providing the best experience for our guests!


Project X

Brave guests feel the power of acceleration, braking and maneuverability as they race a life-size LEGO TECHNIC vehicle along a wild roller coaster track.

AQUAZONE Wave Racers

Get ready to make a splash! Steer your wave racer to dodge water cannons and splash your friends!

Technic Cycle

Show off your pedal power in this high flying ride that you control! Pedal faster to go higher, or just relax and glide closer to the ground.

Technic Tot Spot

Slide, climb and build! Even the smallest guests can take control in this shaded play area just for them!

Robot Pit Stop

Refuel for the day with Sabrett’s all beef hotdogs, nachos, novelty ice creams and cold beverage selection.


Pirates’ Cove Live Water Ski Show

Battle for Brickbeard’s Bounty: A Pirates’ Cove Ski Adventure at LEGOLAND Florida. Avast, me hearties! The famous pirate ship Brickbeard’s Bounty has been found and is now safely guarded in Pirates’ Cove. Miranda Valentina and her loyal Imperial Guards need YOUR help to keep it safe from – yes – you’ve guessed it – PIRATES! Come help us defeat Captain Brickbeard and his pirate gang in our water-ski live-action show at the Pirates Cove stadium. Water skis, jet skis, boats and baddies – a swashbuckling adventure awaits you at Pirates’ Cove.


Botanical Gardens

The beautiful and historic botanical gardens have been restored to pristine condition, and the collection of native plants, including azaleas and camellias, have been reclaimed and combined with a range of exotic species to create a horticultural masterpiece. Still standing sentinel in the garden is the vast Banyan tree that was planted as a seedling in 1939.


Mia’s Riding Adventure

Mia is hosting a riding camp and she’s asking you to join her! Pick your horse and saddle up for a ride on the exciting disc coaster!

Heartlake Stepping Tones Fountain

Create your own music by stepping on the interactive icons surrounding this heart-shaped fountain filled with LEGO brick instruments that play real music!

‘Friends to the Rescue’ Live Stage Show

Heartlake Hall is gearing up for Andrea’s big performance, but when all doesn’t go as planned, it’s up to the other LEGO Friends to come to her rescue to ensure the biggest concert Heartlake City has ever seen goes off without a hitch! Check the show guide for the live show schedule.

Sunshine Sweets

Satisfy your sweet tooth with an assortment of Jelly Belly candy and other tasty treats.

Heartlake Ice Cream Parlor

Enjoy a delicious frozen treat after a fun day of adventures with your BFFs!

Heartlake Mall

In here it’s all about girls! Come see LEGO in a whole new light. From jewelry to plush and our all new LEGO Friends building sets, come visit the world’s first LEGO store just for girls!


The Quest for CHI

Unleash the power of CHI and battle with water cannons in this interactive boat ride through the diverse world of Chima to help Laval the Lion Prince defeat Cragger the Crocodile King in his quest to steal the mystical energy source, CHI.

Cragger’s Swamp

Cragger’s Swamp play area features playful bubbles, intermittent water spouts and interactive elements that trigger swamp water effects in a splash area that is fun for even the smallest guests!

Razar’s Bazaar

The best place for deals in The World of Chima™. Shop Razar’s Bazaar for exclusive items and artifacts from this mystical world. But beware, Razar drives a hard bargain, so it pays to be a savvy shopper.


Splash Out

Thrill seekers can choose their adventure on three unique slides, then speed down a 60-foot drop and “splash out” into the water below.

Twin Chasers

Ride tubes 375 feet down an intertwining pair of enclosed water slides before plunging into a refreshing pool below.

DUPLO Splash Safari

Splash time! Toddlers will rule at this water play area with shorter slides and interactive, larger-than-life DUPLO creatures.

Joker Soaker

Slide, splash and get soaked in this interactive play area, filled with slides, climbing areas, water spouts and wading pool! Get a super splash from the giant 300 gallon bucket!

Build-a-Raft River

Who can build the biggest, best LEGO raft? You can! Imagine, design and build your own unique LEGO vessel and float around the 1000-foot-long lazy river, featuring playful LEGO models, flowering vegetation and palm trees.

LEGO Wave Pool

Catch some waves or cool off where the waves are just big enough for all ages to enjoy.

Beach-n-Brick Grill

Enjoy a vast assortment of yummy meals at this outdoor eatery. With items like fresh burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders and delicious salads, this place is sure to satisfy even the hungriest beach bum!

Surf Shop

Surf’s up! Get fitted out in the latest swimwear or the trendiest Florida foot wear. From sunscreen to towels, cool shades and the hottest poolside styles, this is the coolest place in the park.


*See Operating Calendar for 2016



Winter Haven, FL 33884


From Orlando:

  • Take I-4 WEST to exit 55 (US Hwy 27 South)
  • Turn right off U.S. Highway 27 at State Road 540/Cypress Gardens Boulevard. Park is four miles on the left.

From Tampa:

  • Take I-4 EAST to Exit 27 (Polk County Parkway)
  • Then take Exit 14 to Winter Haven (2nd Toll Booth) by turning east on S.R. 540 and follow eight miles to Hwy 17 North.
  • Turn left to take Hwy 17 North two miles over the bridge to Cypress Gardens Boulevard and turn right. Legoland Way will be on your right.

If using a GPS system, keep in mind that LEGOLAND Florida may not yet be included as a destination. A secondary address for GPS systems is 6000 Cypress Gardens Boulevard, Winter Haven FL 33884.


Purchase your regular parking voucher before you arrive at the park and save $2 by purchasing online!

  • Online car parking price: $15+ tax ($17 regular price on arrival.)

Motorcycles and RVs/Campers not included. Preferred parking may be purchased at the Park at the toll booth. Toll and ticket booths open approximately 30 minutes prior to Park opening. Disability parking is near the guest entrance.

Book your parking today!


Staying in Orlando? Roundtrip transportation is now available!

  • Pick-up location: I-Drive 360, 8401 International Drive, Orlando Florida 32819
  • Price: $5 per person (plus tax)
  • Pick up time: 9:00 a.m.; please arrive 30 minutes prior to departure
  • Leaves to return at park closing. Check operating schedule for the latest times.
  • Please park in the bottom floor of the parking deck off Universal Boulevard. Shuttle pick up is just outside parking deck. Parking in the garage is FREE.

The LEGOLAND Shuttle is reservation based. All passengers must have a reservation to board. 

*Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance.

Directions to I-Drive 360 Parking:

  • From I-4 Westbound: Exit 74A Sand Lake Road. Left at light onto Sand Lake Road. Right onto Universal Boulevard. Turn right into I-Drive 360 Parking Deck. Park on bottom floor. Address: 8401 International Drive, Orlando, Florida 32819.
  • From I-4 Eastbound: Exit 74A Sand Lake Road. Right at the light onto Sand Lake Road. Right onto Universal Boulevard. Turn right onto I-Drive 360 Parking Deck. Address: 8401 International Drive, Orlando Florida 32819.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

For additional information please contact us at 1.877.350.5346.

  1. Do I need to buy a seat for my child if I hold him/her on my lap?
  2. Your safety is of utmost priority to us. For that reason we ask that all children be placed in a seat of their own. Car seats and boosters can also be used in each seat with the seatbelt.
  3. Do you have car seats and boosters available?
  4. No, you are responsible for bringing your own child safety seat(s).
  5. I need ADA assistance. How do I ensure that the bus can accommodate my needs?
  6. In order to best accommodate your needs, please call Mears Transportation at 855-463-2776.
  7. What if I miss the bus?
  8. The bus will leave promptly at 9 a.m. on the scheduled daily routes. We recommend that you plan to arrive at the Shuttle Pick Up location at least 30 minutes prior to departure to ensure that you get a seat and don’t miss the bus. Tickets are non-refundable.
  9. Can I Walk-Up and buy a Shuttle Ticket without a reservation?
  10. Seats without a reservation will be sold depending on availability and on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  11. What forms of payment do you accept?
  12. All major credit cards.
  13. Can I buy a one-way Shuttle ticket?
  14. No, you can use your ticket as a one-way transfer but the price is for round trip travel.
  15. Will my Shuttle Ticket expire?
  16. Yes, if you don’t use your ticket it will expire.
  17. I have a large group, can I coordinate a private coach?
  18. Yes, we highly recommend that if you have more than 20 people, to coordinate a private coach to handle transporting your group. Please call Mears Transportation at 855-463-2776 to get a quote.
  19. Are we allowed to eat and drink on the bus?
  20. Since the shuttle is less than an hour long, we ask that you not eat or drink on the bus. There are vending machines at the Shuttle Pick Up location and restaurants at LEGOLAND Florida that you can get something to eat and drink at prior to boarding the bus.
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