5 Reasons to Visit Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Park

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting water park to visit this summer, Universal’s Volcano Bay water park is the place for you! With five amazing reasons to visit, you’ll be sure to have a blast! Whether you’re visiting with your family or significant other, there’s something for everyone at Volcano Bay. So what are you waiting for? Check out these five reasons below and get planning your trip today!


Universal’s Volcano Bay Wave Pool

Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Park Reason #1

The first reason you should go to this tropical paradise is that you feel like you’re in Hawaii. When I experienced this water park, I honestly didn’t feel like I was in Orlando. Universal does an excellent job of tying in the theming throughout the park, from scents you smell to the foliage around the park to the music you hear. You’ll be amazed at how immersive the entire experience is!


Universal’s Volcano Bay Aqua Coaster Going Down The Drop

Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Park Reason #2

One of the most incredible experiences at Volcano Bay is the Krakatau Aqua Coaster! As it sounds – it’s a rollercoaster concept intertwined with a waterslide. There are at least five drops – it’s so much fun! I highly recommend placing yourself in the virtual wait queue first thing when you get there. When I went, the wait time was 4 hours by mid-day! So it would help if you did this immediately.


Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Park Reason #3

I was such a fan of this reason – there are two different winding rivers in this water park! The first is a peaceful lazy river (Kopiko Wai Winding River) with tubes that trickle past waterslides and tropical landscapes. One of the most remarkable features of the lazy river is that it goes through a cave at the base of the Volcano. There is a second river (TeAwa The Fearless River); this is a life jacket only experience that will have you moving fast through rapids – it is so much fun – I went over and over!

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Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Slide

Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Park Reason #4

There are well over 10+ different waterslides to choose from. One of the slides is the “body plunge,” in which the floor drops beneath you – also, it’s the tallest waterslide. There are several group raft water slides and several traditional body waterslides! My favorite out of all of them was Honu (the blue slide); if you enjoy drops and speed, this one will be your favorite too!

Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Park Reason #5

You can stay here ALL DAY, and you won’t feel underwhelmed! The park spans 27 fun acres filled with winding rivers, water slides, a KidsZone area, a giant wave pool, and even traditional pools. When I went, I stayed open to close and enjoyed every minute of all the experiences. As an Orlando local with plenty of water park options, I honestly had such a fun time, and I can’t wait to go back to Volcano Bay!


Volcano Bay Overview

Take A Plunge This Summer!

Ready to visit Universal’s Volcano Bay water park this summer? Above all, with five amazing reasons to visit, you’ll be sure to have a blast! Call us today to save on your trip. We can’t wait to see you there!

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