3 Things I Won’t Do Again In Disney World | Learn From My Mistakes

I’ve compiled a list of three things I won’t do again in Disney World the next time. In addition, by sharing these lessons with you, maybe you can avoid making the same mistakes yourself! So without further ado, here are my three tips for a better Disney World vacation.

I Won’t Do Again In Disney World Is Overpack

Won’t Do Again In Disney World - Overpacking for a park day

There is a photo of a crossbody bag for a reason – I will never bring a tote bag or even a large backpack to the parks again. I’m telling you from the experience of shooting content all day at Disney that you’ll be over it (carrying a big bag). It is never fun to lug around many things you really don’t need with you all day. Even if you decided o get a locker, that’s extra money that you really didn’t have to spend. Just be intentional with what you’re bringing and think about if you “need” it with you all day before you bring it.

Won’t Do Again In Disney World Is Take The Buses If I Want To Go Someplace Quick

Won’t Do Again In Disney World - Relying On The Disney Buses

A Disney Content Creator once said, “never take a Disney Transportation bus if you need to get somewhere quick.” That content creator was me! There have been countless times when I need to make a reservation somewhere, and the buses are running late or stop every minute it feels like and I end up missing my reservation altogether. In my experience, the ferries and monorails are faster depending on where you are on Walt Disney World property.

Won’t Do Again In Disney World Is Be Stuck In This Very Large And Packed Crowd

Won’t Do Again In Disney World - Being Apart Of The Massive Crowd After Fireworks

The night this “exodus” photo was taken, it took me an hour and a half to leave Magic Kingdom to get back to my car in the Magic Kingdom parking lot (it’s only a mile away). Leaving right after the fireworks, by far, gives me the most anxiety on this list of things I’ll never do again at Disney World. I learned a helpful tip after enduring this: the gift shops along Main Street U.S.A. are open an hour after the park “closes.” I instead look around the gift shop and pick up some last-minute goodies versus going through the enormous crowd ordeal again.

More Mistakes To wATCH oUT fOR

Share these mistakes to avoid!

So there you have it! My three tips for a better Disney World vacation. I hope you can learn from my mistakes and avoid them yourself. If you’re looking to save on your trip, be sure to give us a call – we offer discounts on tickets and hotels that are hard to beat. Have a magical day!

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