10 Must-Do Family Activities in Orlando

Published date on November 5, 2023

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Orlando, Florida, often dubbed “The Theme Park Capital of the World”, offers more than just roller coasters and fairy-tale castles. From interactive chocolate factories to marine wonders, this city brims with diverse attractions. Dive into the best Orlando Family Activities that promise not just fun, but memories that last a lifetime.

Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort

Orlando Family Activities: A Day at the Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom, the crown jewel of Walt Disney World Resort, is often heralded as the place where dreams come true. Sprawled across 107 acres, this iconic park offers a fantasy experience that transports visitors to various realms—from the adventurous terrains of Frontierland to the fairy-tale charm of Fantasyland. With its central Cinderella Castle, visitors are often greeted by parades, character encounters, and the magic that Disney promises.

Family Attractions in Orlando: Why Magic Kingdom Reigns Supreme

For families venturing to Orlando, the Magic Kingdom is undeniably a top pick. But why is it so appealing? Here are a few reasons:

    1. Diverse Range of Rides: Whether your family is in the mood for the swashbuckling adventures of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ or the gentle glide through ‘It’s a Small World,’ there’s a ride for every age and thrill level.
    1. Character Meet and Greets: For the little ones, meeting Mickey, Minnie, or their favorite princess can be the highlight of their trip. These experiences offer lasting memories and are distinctly part of the Magic Kingdom’s allure.
    1. Nightly Fireworks Display: As the day concludes, families gather around the castle to witness “Happily Ever After,” a fireworks display paired with projection mapping technology. This spectacle, synchronized to iconic Disney songs, leaves many in awe and wraps up an enchanting day at the park.
    1. Family-Friendly Spots in Orlando: Throughout the park, families can find convenient resting spots, baby care centers, and eateries catering to children’s palates, ensuring the park experience remains comfortable and enjoyable for everyone.
    1. Experiences for the Whole Family: Beyond the rides and character encounters, families can participate in interactive experiences like the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game, or even become a pirate or princess for a day at the Pirate’s League and Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

The Magic Kingdom, with its blend of nostalgia for adults and wonder for kids, proves that it’s not just one of the prime family attractions in Orlando—it’s a global destination that draws families from all corners of the world.

Explore More at Magic Kingdom’s Official Site

Universal Studios Florida

Orlando Family Activities: The Cinematic World of Universal Studios

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Universal Studios Florida invites families to step into a real working movie studio and the incredible world of film, where they become the stars. As one of the premiere theme parks in Orlando, Universal Studios offers a captivating blend of rides, shows, and interactive attractions based on popular movies and TV shows. From the magical streets of Diagon Alley in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter to the action-packed scenes of the Transformers: The Ride-3D, families are immersed in cinematic adventures.

Experiences for the Whole Family at Universal Studios

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At the heart of Universal Studios is its commitment to delivering exhilarating experiences for visitors of all ages. Here’s a glimpse of what families can expect:

Universal Studios Florida, with its plethora of rides and attractions, truly embodies the spirit of family-friendly spots in Orlando. Whether seeking thrills, laughter, or a dash of magic, there’s something here that promises unforgettable experiences for the whole family.

Discover More About Universal Studios Florida

SeaWorld Orlando

Orlando Family Activities: Diving Deep into SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando stands as a unique blend of marine-life encounters and thrilling amusement park rides. It’s not just an aquarium, not just a zoo, and not just a theme park. Instead, it seamlessly merges all these experiences, offering families a chance to come face-to-face with the mysteries of the ocean while enjoying adrenaline-pumping rides.

Marine Life Exploration and Rides: A Journey Beneath the Waves

At the heart of SeaWorld lies its dedication to marine conservation and education. Here are some highlights families can delve into:

    1. Manta: More than just a roller coaster, Manta lets riders “fly” face down, mimicking the movement of a manta ray, before plunging them close to a beautiful aquarium filled with rays and exotic fish.
    1. Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin: This ride offers a unique, chilly experience as guests are taken through the icy landscapes of Antarctica, eventually leading to a penguin habitat where families can see these birds up close.
    1. Dolphin Cove: An expansive lagoon where families can watch dolphins play, jump, and interact. There’s also an opportunity to feed and touch these intelligent marine creatures.
    1. Shark Encounter: Wander through a tunnel as sharks glide above and around, offering an immersive view of these magnificent predators.

Activities for Kids in Orlando: Shows and Interactions at SeaWorld

SeaWorld isn’t just about rides. Their animal shows and interactive experiences cater especially to the younger audience:

    1. Orca Encounter: This educational presentation showcases the majestic killer whales, highlighting their roles as top predators and their importance in the marine ecosystem.
    1. Dolphin Days: A lively show where dolphins showcase their agility, playfulness, and intelligence. Trainers also share tips on marine conservation.
    1. Sea Lion High: The New Class: A comedic show featuring sea lions, otters, and walruses, providing both laughter and learning.
    1. Sesame Street Land: An area dedicated to younger visitors, this section has kid-friendly rides, play areas, and character meet-and-greets from the beloved Sesame Street show.
    1. Animal Experiences: From touching a stingray at Stingray Lagoon to feeding sea lions at Pacific Point Preserve, there are several hands-on experiences that allow kids to get up close and personal with marine life.

SeaWorld Orlando is undeniably one of the standout family attractions in Orlando. By combining entertainment with education, it offers a holistic experience where families not only have fun but also leave with a deeper appreciation for the marine world.

Learn More About SeaWorld Orlando’s Offerings

Discovery Cove

Orlando Family Activities: An Oasis of Adventure at Discovery Cove

Amidst the bustling theme parks of Orlando lies a serene escape: Discovery Cove. A unique day resort, it promises an all-inclusive experience that lets families indulge in tropical wonders. While it offers various immersive activities, its claim to fame is the unparalleled opportunity to swim with dolphins, an experience cherished by both adults and kids.

Swimming with Dolphins: A Heartfelt Connection

The heart of Discovery Cove, and its most sought-after attraction, is the dolphin swim experience. Here’s what families can anticipate:

    1. Intimate Encounter: Unlike many marine parks, Discovery Cove limits its attendance, ensuring each family gets ample time and a personalized encounter with these gentle creatures.
    1. Learn and Bond: Before the swim, knowledgeable trainers share intriguing facts about dolphins, from their behaviors to conservation efforts. The swim itself allows visitors to touch, play, and even ride alongside a dolphin, fostering a profound bond.
    1. Capture the Moment: Professional photographers are on hand to capture this once-in-a-lifetime experience, letting families relive the memory for years to come.

Other Water-Based Activities for the Whole Family

Beyond the dolphin encounter, Discovery Cove offers a range of experiences ensuring every family member finds their piece of paradise:

    1. The Grand Reef: Families can snorkel amidst thousands of tropical fish, rays, and even come face-to-face with sharks separated by clear glass. It’s a vibrant underwater world waiting to be explored.
    1. Freshwater Oasis: Wading adventures beckon as families meander through clear springs surrounded by lush landscapes. Otters and marmosets add to the charm, making appearances along the way.
    1. Wind-Away River: A lazy river that’s anything but ordinary. As families float, they transition between distinct environments, from dense rainforests to cavernous underwater grottos.
    1. Explorer’s Aviary: While not water-based, this massive aviary nestled above the waterways offers a chance to interact with hundreds of birds, each more colorful and melodious than the last.
    1. Serenity Bay: For those seeking relaxation, this freshwater resort pool offers a perfect retreat. Families can lounge, swim, or simply bask in the Florida sun.

Discovery Cove stands out as one of the unique family-friendly spots in Orlando, emphasizing relaxation and close encounters with nature. It’s less about thrill rides and more about creating cherished memories through intimate experiences.

Dive Deeper into Discovery Cove Adventures

LEGOLAND Florida Resort

Orlando Family Activities: Immersive Fun in a World of Bricks at LEGOLAND

LEGOLAND Florida Resort is a vivid, sprawling playground made with a singular vision: to celebrate the timeless charm of LEGO bricks. Catering primarily to kids between the ages of 2 and 12, this park perfectly embodies the creativity and imagination that LEGO brings, with over 50 rides, shows, and attractions all inspired by these iconic plastic bricks.

LEGO-Themed Rides and Attractions: Building Memories One Brick at a Time

At the core of LEGOLAND are its diverse attractions, all infused with the quintessential LEGO spirit. Here’s a glimpse of the adventures families can embark on:

    1. The Dragon: A gentle roller coaster that whisks families through a medieval LEGO castle, complete with jesters, knights, and, of course, a LEGO dragon.
    1. Miniland USA: A marvel of LEGO engineering, this section showcases intricate miniature replicas of iconic American cities and landmarks, all made with millions of LEGO bricks.
    1. LEGO NINJAGO World: Families can become ninjas for a day, battling villains with just the wave of their hands in this interactive dark ride.
    1. Boating School: Young kids can captain their own vessels in these water-based bumper cars, navigating waterways and learning a bit about boating safety.
    1. Ford Driving School: A favorite among many, this attraction allows kids to drive LEGO-themed cars and earn their own LEGOLAND driver’s license.

Activities for Kids in Orlando: LEGOLAND’s Kid-Centric Approach

LEGOLAND Florida Resort stands out because of its unwavering focus on younger visitors. Here’s how they ensure a memorable experience for the little ones:

    1. DUPLO Valley: Tailored for toddlers, this area has rides and attractions perfect for the youngest LEGO fans. From DUPLO Trains to the splashy DUPLO Splash & Play, it’s a tot’s paradise.
    1. LEGO Build & Test: An interactive zone where kids can design their own LEGO vehicles and race them down speed ramps.
    1. Heartlake City: Inspired by the LEGO Friends toy set, this area lets kids join the Friends gang for a live musical performance, horse-themed disc coaster, and more.
    1. Character Meet & Greets: Kids can meet their favorite LEGO characters, from classic LEGO minifigures to stars from LEGO movies.
    1. LEGO Creative Workshops: Scheduled throughout the day, these workshops let kids (and adults!) learn building tips and tricks from the experts.

LEGOLAND Florida Resort exemplifies what activities for kids in Orlando should be: imaginative, engaging, and full of wonder. It’s a place where the boundaries of the brick world and reality blur, letting kids be the true architects of their adventures.

Uncover More LEGO Fun at LEGOLAND Florida Resort’s Official Site

Orlando Science Center

Orlando Family Activities: Discovering Wonders at the Orlando Science Center

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While Orlando is renowned for its theme parks and entertainment hubs, it also offers treasures that blend fun with education. The Orlando Science Center stands as a testament to this blend, inviting families to embark on a journey of discovery. Packed with interactive exhibits spanning various scientific disciplines, it ranks among the top family-friendly spots in Orlando for those seeking a blend of learning and recreation.

Educational and Interactive Exhibits: A Dive into the World of Science

Orlando Science Center’s heart beats with its immersive exhibits. Here’s a glimpse into some of the fan favorites:

    1. DinoDigs: Taking visitors back in time, this exhibit boasts life-size replicas of prehistoric creatures, from the mighty T-Rex to the gentle herbivores. Fossil digs further allow kids to play paleontologist for a day.
    1. NatureWorks: Focused on the delicate ecosystems of Central Florida, families can explore everything from coral reefs to swampy marshlands, understanding the intricate balance of nature.
    1. Flight Lab: Through state-of-the-art simulators, this exhibit allows visitors to experience the thrill of flight, understanding aerodynamics and the science behind aviation.
    1. KidsTown: Specifically designed for children under 7, this seven-gallery exhibit lets the little ones explore the wonders of science through hands-on activities, from water experiments to orange groves.
    1. Our Planet: Delve into Earth’s diverse environments through interactive displays, highlighting everything from the volatile forces of volcanoes to the serene beauty of auroras.

Orlando Science Center: A Beacon Among Family-Friendly Spots in Orlando

What sets the Orlando Science Center apart from other attractions is its dedication to fostering curiosity. Here’s how:

    1. Live Science Shows: Throughout the day, the center hosts live demonstrations on various topics, from explosive chemistry reactions to the wonders of electricity.
    1. Crosby Observatory: Home to Florida’s largest refractor telescope, families can gaze into the cosmos, exploring planets, stars, and galaxies.
    1. STEM Discovery Center: Emphasizing science, technology, engineering, and math, this section offers challenges, workshops, and interactive stations that stimulate the mind.
    1. Traveling Exhibits: The Science Center frequently updates its roster with traveling exhibits from around the globe, ensuring there’s always something new to explore.
    1. Educational Programs and Camps: Beyond daily visits, the center offers specialized programs for kids, teens, and adults, focusing on in-depth exploration of scientific topics.

The Orlando Science Center transcends traditional boundaries, proving that science can be as exhilarating as any roller coaster. As one of the essential family-friendly spots in Orlando, it promises an enlightening experience that sticks long after the visit.

Unearth More Scientific Wonders at Orlando Science Center’s Official Site


Orlando Family Activities: Wild Adventures Await at Gatorland

When it comes to quintessential Florida wildlife experiences, Gatorland stands unmatched. Branded as the “Alligator Capital of the World,” this wildlife park is home to thousands of alligators and crocodiles. But there’s more to Gatorland than just its toothy inhabitants. From a diverse petting zoo to a fascinating bird aviary, Gatorland promises families a taste of Florida’s wild side, all within the city limits.

A Thrilling Dive into the World of Alligators and Crocodiles

Nestled on 110 acres, Gatorland provides visitors with an up-close and personal look at some of nature’s most incredible reptiles:

    1. Breeding Marsh: This natural habitat, spread over 10 acres, houses hundreds of alligators. With observation towers, visitors can safely witness these creatures in their natural environment.
    1. Gator Jumparoo Show: An absolute crowd-pleaser, this show features alligators leaping out of the water to snatch food, demonstrating their power and agility.
    1. Gator Wrestlin’: Brave trainers showcase the strength, skills, and size of these animals, engaging in daring stunts that leave audiences in awe.
    1. White Alligator Exhibit: Home to some of the park’s rarest inhabitants, visitors can marvel at the mystic white alligators, creatures steeped in legend.
    1. Jungle Crocs: Beyond alligators, Gatorland is also home to several species of crocodiles, allowing visitors to understand the differences and unique features of these reptiles.

Beyond the Gators: A World of Wildlife Exploration

While the alligators and crocodiles are the primary attractions, Gatorland offers much more in terms of wildlife encounters:

    1. Petting Zoo: An interactive experience, especially popular among younger visitors. Here, families can get hands-on with goats, llamas, and other gentle creatures, learning about their habits and characteristics.
    1. Bird Aviary: This sanctuary hosts a variety of exotic birds. Families can walk through, feeding and interacting with colorful parrots, finches, and other winged wonders.
    1. Up-Close Encounters Show: Beyond the reptiles, this show introduces visitors to some of the park’s other animal stars, from spiders to snakes, emphasizing the importance of biodiversity.
    1. Gatorland Express Railroad: A relaxing train ride around the park, it gives families a chance to view all the attractions, ensuring they don’t miss a thing.

Gatorland is more than just an alligator park. It’s a celebration of Florida’s unique wildlife, offering families an engaging mix of education and entertainment. As a testament to Orlando’s diverse range of attractions, it stands as a must-visit for anyone keen to explore the state’s natural wonders.

Experience the Wild Side of Florida at Gatorland’s Official Site


Orlando Family Activities: Sky-High Adventures and More at ICON Park

Orlando’s entertainment landscape is vast, but few places combine attractions, dining, and entertainment as seamlessly as ICON Park. Located on International Drive, ICON Park has emerged as a one-stop destination for families looking to sample the city’s vibrancy. At its heart stands The Wheel, a 400-foot tall observation wheel, offering unparalleled views of the city, making it an iconic family attraction in Orlando.

Attractions Galore: From The Wheel to Whimsical Rides

At ICON Park, every corner holds a surprise, ensuring families have a plethora of experiences to choose from:

    1. The Wheel: Dominating the skyline, The Wheel is more than just an observation wheel. Each of its capsules is air-conditioned, offering families a comfortable journey as they rise above the city, witnessing Orlando from a bird’s-eye view.
    1. Madame Tussauds Orlando: Rub shoulders with celebrities, albeit their wax counterparts. From Hollywood A-listers to sports legends, this museum offers an array of photo ops.
    1. SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium: Dive into an underwater world, as this attraction introduces families to diverse marine life, from colorful fishes to majestic sharks.
    1. 7D Dark Ride Adventure: A thrilling experience that combines 3D visuals with physical effects, taking families on a roller coaster of emotions.
    1. Orlando StarFlyer: For the thrill-seekers, this swing ride, standing at 450 feet, is the world’s tallest, offering exhilarating views and adrenaline rushes.

Entertainment and Dining: A Culinary and Cultural Extravaganza

Beyond the attractions, ICON Park ensures families are entertained and well-fed:

    1. The Lawn: A green oasis, this space hosts live performances, from music to dance, ensuring families have a backdrop of entertainment as they explore.
    1. Restaurants & Bars: Offering a global culinary journey, families can pick from a range of dining options, from casual eateries to upscale restaurants. Whether it’s a quick snack or a gourmet meal, there’s something for every palate.
    1. Shopping: Sprinkled across ICON Park are a range of boutiques and stores, allowing families to indulge in a bit of retail therapy.
    1. Nightly Light Shows: As the sun sets, The Wheel transforms into a canvas, displaying a mesmerizing light show, adding to the park’s ambiance.

With its diverse offerings, ICON Park is more than just another entertainment hub; it’s an experience. Whether families are soaring high on The Wheel, dining at a world-class restaurant, or simply soaking in the atmosphere, it exemplifies the best of what Orlando has to offer.

Dive Deeper into ICON Park’s Offerings on Their Official Site

Crayola Experience

Orlando Family Activities: Embarking on a Colorful Adventure at the Crayola Experience

Orlando’s tapestry of attractions is diverse, and among its vibrant threads is the Crayola Experience. This attraction, dedicated to the world’s most famous crayon brand, invites families to step into a universe bursting with color and creativity. Situated at The Florida Mall, the Crayola Experience offers more than just crayons. With over 25 hands-on activities, it’s a playground that caters to children and families, fostering creativity and imagination.

Unleashing Creativity: The Colorful Activities of Crayola Experience

Every corner of the Crayola Experience is designed to ignite the spark of creativity, offering a range of activities that both educate and entertain:

    1. Wrap It Up!: A journey into the history of Crayola, where children can design their crayon wrapper, adding a personal touch to this iconic product.
    1. Drip Art: A modern twist on spin art, this activity lets kids create unique swirled art pieces using melted crayon wax.
    1. Melt & Mold: Here, children can give old crayons new life, melting them into shapes like rings, cars, and even critters.
    1. Color Magic: Merging the physical and digital worlds, kids can bring their coloring sheets to life, watching their creations animate on screen.
    1. Modeling Madness: Using Crayola’s soft and easy-to-shape Model Magic, children can craft 3D figures and imaginative structures.

Beyond Coloring: Engaging Experiences for the Entire Family

The Crayola Experience isn’t limited to coloring alone. It ensures that families of all ages have something to look forward to:

    1. Crayola Factory Show: A behind-the-scenes look at how crayons are made, complete with a live demonstration and colorful storytelling.
    1. Rainbow Rain: An interactive experience where families can virtually catch digital melted wax, creating vibrant patterns.
    1. Silly Selfies: Dive into the digital realm, as kids can take selfies and then digitally transform into a Crayola crayon character.
    1. Toddler Town: Designed specifically for younger children, this area boasts large soft play structures and age-appropriate activities, ensuring the little ones aren’t left out.
    1. Crayola Store: Before leaving, families can visit the store, packed with the largest selection of Crayola products, from art kits to apparel, ensuring they carry a piece of their colorful journey home.

The Crayola Experience is not just an attraction; it’s a celebration of creativity, color, and childhood. By offering a multitude of activities and experiences, it ensures that every family member, from the youngest child to the oldest adult, leaves with a splash of color in their memories.

Uncover More Colorful Adventures at Crayola Experience’s Official Site

Orlando’s Chocolate Kingdom

Orlando Family Activities: A Sweet Journey through Orlando’s Chocolate Kingdom

While Orlando is often associated with thrilling rides and magical experiences, it also offers indulgent adventures of the delectable kind. Among the city’s sweetest attractions is Orlando’s Chocolate Kingdom, an interactive chocolate factory that promises families a delightful and educative journey into the world of chocolate. From cocoa beans to the creamy bars we cherish, this tour lets visitors delve deep into the chocolate-making process, making it an unforgettable activity for families.

Bean to Bar: The Interactive Tour of Orlando’s Chocolate Kingdom

The tour at Orlando’s Chocolate Kingdom is designed to be immersive, allowing visitors to witness and partake in the entire chocolate-making process:

    1. Cocoa Bean Forest: The journey begins at the source, as families walk through a mystical cocoa bean forest, understanding the origins of chocolate.
    1. Chocolate River: Next, witness a river of molten chocolate, a sight that’s bound to mesmerize both kids and adults.
    1. Mystical Cacao Tree: Discover the story of the cacao tree, and how its pods are transformed into the chocolate we love.
    1. Chocolate Museum: Delve into the history of chocolate, witnessing artifacts and understanding how this treat has evolved over centuries.
    1. Live Demonstrations: Experience the magic firsthand, as chocolatiers demonstrate the art of molding and crafting various chocolate creations.

Beyond the Tour: A Kingdom of Sweet Experiences

Orlando’s Chocolate Kingdom isn’t just about observing; it’s about indulging and engaging:

    1. Customize Your Chocolate Bar: A unique feature where visitors can create their chocolate bars, choosing their favorite ingredients and designing their wrapper.
    1. Tasting Sessions: Learn the nuances of chocolate flavors, as experts guide families through tasting sessions, helping them appreciate the complexities of different chocolate types.
    1. Chocolate Shoe Fashion Show: A whimsical segment where chocolate is transformed into fashionable shoes, showcasing the versatility of this ingredient.
    1. Gift Shop: Before concluding the visit, families can stop by the gift shop, laden with a plethora of chocolate products, ensuring they take home a piece of their sweet journey.
    1. Themed Events: Throughout the year, the kingdom hosts themed events, from Valentine’s specials to Easter egg crafting, ensuring repeat visits offer something new.

Orlando’s Chocolate Kingdom is more than just a factory; it’s a haven for chocolate lovers. With its interactive tour and array of sweet activities, it offers families a unique perspective on one of the world’s favorite treats. It serves as a testament that Orlando’s attractions can be both delightful and delicious.

Dip into the World of Chocolate at Orlando’s Chocolate Kingdom’s Official Site

Orlando Family Activities Overview

Explore These 10 Must-Do Family Activities In Orlando

Orlando’s allure isn’t merely in its vast theme parks, but in the rich tapestry of experiences it weaves for families. Whether you’re soaring on an observation wheel, crafting with crayons, or marveling at marine life, Orlando’s family activities guarantee smiles, laughter, and stories to share for years to come.

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