Top 10 Islands of Adventure Attractions

When you’re solely looking at rides, and setting aside theming and nostalgia, Islands of Adventure is one of the two best theme parks in Orlando today. You’ll probably be able to fit the entire park into a single day, but if you’re short on time, or trying to squeeze both Universal parks into one day, here are the rides to prioritize.

1. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man
Explore the fascinating comic book world of The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, an incredible indoor thrill ride that mixes live action, 3-D special effects and state-of-the-art ride vehicles that throw you right into the heart of the action!

2. Incredible Hulk Coaster
This high-speed roller coaster soars from zero to 40 miles per hour in two seconds, and reaches a height of 150 feet and top speeds of 67 miles per hour.

3. Dueling Dragons
Experience the world’s first inverted, dueling roller coasters, Fire Dragon and Ice Dragon, which are intertwined and soar 125 feet in the air and reach speeds of 55 miles per hour.

4. Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges
A thrilling raft ride that will guarantee to get you totally soaked, Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges winds its way around Me Ship, The Olive, twisting and turning through the rapids.

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5. Jurassic Park River Adventure
Journey through a world of animatronic dinosaur habitats full of brachiosaurs, stegosaurs and hadrosaurs, and then plunge 85 feet into darkness as you try to escape a hungry T-Rex aboard the Jurassic Park River Adventure!

6. Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls
Plummet 75 feet down Ripsaw Falls at Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls, an amazing water flume ride that will get you totally soaked.

7. The Cat in the Hat
Climb aboard a spinning couch as you take a fun-filled journey through the pages of this classic childhood storybook.

8. Doctor Doom’s Fearfall
A “free-fall” thrill ride, Doctor Doom’s Fearfall rockets you 150 feet up in the air and then hurls you back down to Earth just as fast as you went up!

9. Jurassic Park Discovery Center
The interactive Jurassic Park Discovery Center boasts hands-on exhibits, fun-filled games, animated displays and more as visitors delve into the fascinating world of dinosaurs and Earth’s prehistoric era.

10. Caro-Seuss-El
A whimsical carousel ride, Caro-Seuss-El features all of your favorite animals from such classic Dr. Seuss stories as If I Ran the Zoo, Horton Hears a Who and many more.


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