Pincho Factory Delivers Shish Kebab to Dr. Phillips!

Pinchos with a Tasty Twist!

Who doesn’t enjoy the enticing aroma and succulent taste of freshly barbecued meat, chicken or shrimp? Pincho Factory inspires you to design your own skewered creation made to order as you hear their delectable story….see if you can watch till the end before you race to the Pincho Factory!

According to these entrepenuers on their website, it all began at a 4th of July family BBQ a few years ago. Nedal was grilling up one of his infamous burgers and family Pinchos when his cousin Otto looked at him and said, “Man, I wish we could eat like this every day. I’m so tired of eating burgers that we have no idea what they are made of.” Nedal instantly agreed and suggested they opened a restaurant where quality was a priority and transparency was a core value. Using Otto’s family pincho recipe together with Nedal’s popular burger recipe, they decided to go for it. With only $77,000 to their name the team opened their first location.

It was all a dream

Are your taste buds dancing yet?

There are no words to describe… you’ll have to see and taste for yourself!

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