6 Terrible Things That Happen If You Don’t Plan For Your Walt Disney World Trip

If your first Disney World trip is soon to happen and you are thinking it’ll all be about Mickey and roller coasters, I am more than sorry to tell you that you are wrong. Even though you think vacations are only about chilling and enjoying, planning is the most important part. Your whole free time could be wasted if you don’t think about what you need first.

It is also very important NOT TO overplan anything (spontaneous moments are always awesome ). Just be aware of every detail you need to know when you are going to spend a day in a place like any of the Walt Disney World Resort parks, where things can get a little overwhelming.

Your vacations could turn into a total disaster if you don’t take some time, at least a month before you go to Walt Disney World.

Please, don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to scare you, but this could REALLY happen if you miss the planning part.

6. Waiting forever

Like I said before, Disney parks could be really overwhelming and “CROWDED” is an excellent adjective to describe it.

With so many people trying to do the same things you want to, it is better to take full advantage of the parks by getting the Fast Pass+ system. This system allows guests to schedule their turn on certain rides ahead of time so they can skip the lines on a few attractions and avoid super long waits.

If you don’t make your Fast Pass + reservation in advance, you might even lose the opportunity to get on the more popular attractions because of the line waiting everywhere and it could be really frustrating.

5. Forget about Getting the Best Dining Options

If you want to enjoy a really nice table service at a great Disney Restaurant with the people you love, you’ll have to get reservations. It is almost a must.

Not planning it will force you to eat only at quick service locations, losing all the best options and getting tired of fast food.

4. No Savings at All

Getting hotel rooms reservations and buying park tickets early will help you save money, wouldn’t you love that?

Whether you hire a travel agent or you decide to do it by yourself, hotel rooms and park tickets are almost always cheaper than those purchased at the last minute.

3. Wasted time

It will be best for you if you make a list of the most important attractions for you and how to get to them. Otherwise, you’ll end up missing some amazing experiences, and, let’s be clear, if you are spending that kind of money, you need to take advantage of the much you can.

2. Missing important items

When it comes to packing, lack of planning means you are going to miss some things you might really need through your visit to Walt Disney World. Of course you can buy a swimsuit or maybe sunblock at the park, but it sure can be pricey.

A little planning will help you avoid quite an important bunch of dollars mistake. This is because most things found in Disney shops are overpriced.

1. Energy loss

Walking through one of the theme parks in Walt Disney World Resort without knowing if you are going on the right path to your destination not only wastes time, it’ll also increase your energy loss.

However, if you know exactly where you want to go and how to get there, will always help gaining extra time to enjoy the most attractions as you can, aaaand your feet will really appreciate it.

So, you are now aware of the cons of taking a unplanned trip to Disney World and I am sure you didn’t like it. Take an extra step before you go to the parks, it will really worth.


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