Universal Is Asking Guests To Design A New Theme Park

Two separate surveys sent out recently might show what Universal has in the works for the future. The first one was focused on Nintendo.

The first survey asked participants to rank what type of attractions they would be most interested in seeing. Many of the questions included examples of pre-existing attractions at the park. Participants were asked if a ‘Diagon Alley style’ secret entrance or a wide entrance similar to Hogsmeade would be more appealing for Nintendo.


The second survey’s content is even more intriguing. It asked participants to ‘build’ their ideal third theme park. Questions included things like how many rides it would include, what type of attractions and what would the ideal mix of attractions be. The survey specifically had three lands with five attractions each, then participants had to select what mix of dark rides, coasters, simulators, meet-and-greets, etc that they would prefer and answer which of them should be family friendly, thrill or other intensity levels.

The survey in itself doesn’t reveal anything new, but does give fuel to the rumors of a third theme park in the works for Universal Orlando.
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