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8 Ways to Save Big Money on Food at Walt Disney World

Some are super easy, some require a little sacrifice, but they’ll all save you money. 1. Bring Your Own Refillable Water Bottle Paying more than $3.00 for soda, juice, or milk if you are eating three meals at the park will cost you around $10 per person. A lot, huh? Multiply that for every time…

Disney Character Warehouses in Orlando are Awesome!

Let me tell you: it was worth the hassle to find parking.  This store is basically a dumping ground for Disney Parks and resorts to clear out seasonal and other merchandise.  It’s kind of like a consignment or thrift shop in that you never know exactly what you’ll find, but the prices are hard to say…

Dine Around the World at Epcot For $5 Per International Pavilion

Did you know you can eat around the world at Epcot, and only spend about $5 at each country? It’s a great way to sample flavors from around the globe! Watch below as I show you my favorite budget-friendly bites at Epcot!

Top 5 Best Tips for Visiting Universal Studios Florida


We are sharing with you first time some of our favorite tips for visiting Universal Studios Florida. Used them however you feel suits you if this is your first visit. Learn and have fun !  

10 Things To Know Before You Visit Universal Orlando

Some of these options are free, and some cost extra, but many of our readers have found these tips useful to them on their visits to the resort. Take a look, and follow the tips you think will be right for you and your family. 1. Best Time to Go? School vacation times dictate the…