New Disney Florida Resident Tickets: 4-Day Pass for $59 explained

Published date on March 28, 2024

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Unveil the magic with exclusive Disney Florida Resident Tickets. Experience four days of enchantment for just $59, tailored for locals seeking adventure.

Disney Announces Exclusive $59 4-Day Pass for Florida Residents

In a move that has sparked excitement among theme park enthusiasts and residents across the Sunshine State, Disney has unveiled a special offer that’s exclusively for Floridians: the Discover Disney Ticket. For a limited time, Florida residents have the unique opportunity to experience the magic and wonder of Walt Disney World with a 4-Day Ticket priced at an astonishing $59 per day, plus tax, culminating in a total cost of $235, plus tax. This offer opens the gates to a world of adventure, fun, and cherished memories at a value that’s hard to beat.

This exclusive ticket allows entry to each of the four iconic Disney theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Each day of the pass grants access to one park, meaning you can tailor your Disney experience to suit your family’s preferences and interests. Whether you’re captivated by the enchanting fairytales and thrilling rides of Magic Kingdom or fascinated by the futuristic exploration and cultural experiences at Epcot, this pass offers something for everyone.

What makes this offer particularly appealing is its flexibility. Valid from April 2 to September 28, 2024, the 4-Day Discover Disney Ticket caters to both planners and spontaneous adventurers alike. With the requirement of an advance park reservation, Disney ensures that all guests have the best possible experience, with manageable crowd levels and minimized wait times. It’s advisable to make your reservations as soon as possible, as availability is based on the reservations allocated to this special ticket and overall park capacity.

For more detailed information on this offer, including how to purchase your Discover Disney Tickets and view available reservation dates, visit the official Disney Florida Resident Discover Disney Ticket page. This link serves as your gateway to securing an unforgettable Disney adventure at a phenomenal price, exclusively for Florida residents.

Don’t miss this incredible chance to dive into the enchantment of Walt Disney World, tailored specially for those who call Florida home. Whether you’re revisiting beloved attractions or discovering new favorites, the Discover Disney Ticket is your key to a world of magic, waiting just around the corner.

Benefits of Disney Florida Resident Tickets: Why It’s a Deal

The magic of Disney World is undeniable, and for Florida residents, it becomes even more accessible and appealing thanks to the special Discover Disney Ticket offer. But what makes this deal particularly attractive? Let’s dive into the benefits that set the Disney Florida Resident Tickets apart, offering not just a gateway to unparalleled fun and adventure but also significant savings and flexibility.

Disney fairy tale Castle AI
Disney fairy tale Castle AI representation

1. Substantial Savings: The Discover Disney Ticket provides a substantial discount compared to regular ticket prices. At $59 per day for a 4-day pass, Florida residents enjoy the parks at a reduced rate, unlocking the full Disney experience for a total of $235 plus tax. When compared to the standard admission prices, the savings become evident, offering a more affordable way to enjoy the parks multiple times throughout the offer period.

2. Exclusive Access: This ticket is exclusively available to Florida residents, offering a unique opportunity to explore the four iconic Disney parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Each park offers its own unique attractions, entertainment, and dining experiences, making every visit memorable.

3. Flexible Usage: Understanding the busy lives of its residents, Disney has designed this ticket with flexibility in mind. Valid for use from April 2 to September 28, 2024, the tickets can be used on consecutive or nonconsecutive days. This flexibility allows residents to plan their visits around their schedules, ensuring they can make the most out of their tickets without feeling rushed.

4. Advance Reservation System: To ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience, ticket holders are required to make an advance reservation for each park visit. This system helps manage the parks’ capacities, ensuring lower wait times and a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Plus, it allows guests to personalize their Disney experience by choosing the parks and days that best fit their plans.

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5. Add-On Options for Enhanced Experiences: For those looking to further enhance their Disney adventure, additional options are available for purchase. These include the Park Hopper Option, allowing visits to multiple parks in a single day, and the Water Park and Sports Option, offering access to water parks, golf courses, and miniature golf. These add-ons provide even more value and flexibility, allowing Florida residents to tailor their Disney experience to their interests and preferences.

Mickey Mouse character at DIsney Magic Kingdom
Mickey Mouse character at DIsney Magic Kingdom

A Deal That Feels Like Magic: For Florida residents, the Discover Disney Ticket is more than just a ticket to the parks. It’s an invitation to experience the magic of Disney at a value that can’t be overlooked. Whether it’s reliving childhood memories, making new ones with family, or simply enjoying the unparalleled entertainment and attractions Disney is known for, this special offer is truly a deal that feels like magic.

What’s Included in the $59 4-Day Disney Florida Resident Ticket

The $59 4-Day Disney Florida Resident Ticket isn’t just a ticket to the parks; it’s a passport to a realm of magic, adventure, and unforgettable memories. Designed with the unique interests and needs of Florida residents in mind, this ticket offers an array of features that make it an outstanding choice for individuals and families alike. Here’s what’s included in this exclusive offer:

1. Access to Four Theme Parks: Your ticket serves as the key to the gates of Walt Disney World’s four iconic theme parks: Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. Whether you’re setting off on a safari adventure in Animal Kingdom, traveling around the world in Epcot, experiencing movie magic in Hollywood Studios, or enjoying the classic enchantment of Magic Kingdom, the diversity of experiences available is unparalleled.

2. Flexibility to Use on Consecutive or Nonconsecutive Days: Understanding the busy schedules of Florida residents, this ticket is designed for flexibility. Valid for use from April 2 to September 28, 2024, you can choose to use your ticket on consecutive days or spread out your visits. This flexibility means you can plan your Disney adventures around your life, not the other way around.

3. One Theme Park Per Day: Each day of your 4-Day Disney Pass allows entry to one theme park. You can decide to explore a different park each day or revisit your favorites, tailoring your experience to your family’s preferences and making each visit unique.

4. Advance Park Reservations Required: To manage park capacity and ensure a magical experience for all guests, advance park reservations are required for each day of your visit. This system allows you to plan your trip with certainty, knowing you’ll have access to the parks you wish to visit on the days that work best for you.

5. Optional Add-Ons for Even More Fun: For an additional cost, you can enhance your Disney experience with optional add-ons such as:

  • Park Hopper Option: For an extra $40 per ticket, plus tax, you can visit more than one park on the same day, giving you the freedom to enjoy the best of what each park has to offer.
  • Water Park and Sports Option: For an additional $35 per ticket, plus tax, this option allows you to visit a Disney water park, golf course, or miniature golf course, adding even more variety to your Disney adventure.
  • Park Hopper Plus Option: Combining the benefits of the Park Hopper and Water Park and Sports options for an extra $55 per ticket, plus tax, this is the ultimate way to experience all the excitement and relaxation Disney World has to offer.

Making Every Moment Count: The $59 4-Day Disney Florida Resident Ticket is designed to make the wonders of Walt Disney World accessible and enjoyable for those who call Florida home. With access to four incredible theme parks, the flexibility to visit on your terms, and the option to customize your experience with add-ons, this ticket offers a world of possibilities. Dive into the magic and make unforgettable memories with your loved ones, all while enjoying the convenience and value that this special offer provides.

Disney Florida Resident Tickets 4-day pass 59
Disney Florida Resident Tickets 4-day pass 59

Exclusions of the $59 4-Day Disney Pass for Florida Residents

While the $59 4-Day Disney Pass offers Florida residents an incredible opportunity to explore the magic of the Walt Disney World theme parks, it’s important to be aware of what the ticket does not cover. Understanding these exclusions will help you plan your visit more effectively and ensure that your Disney adventure is as magical as possible. Here are some of the key exclusions to keep in mind:

1. Meals and Dining Experiences: The ticket does not include meals, snacks, or dining experiences. Walt Disney World hosts a variety of dining options ranging from quick-service to fine dining, and guests can pay for their meals directly at the restaurants or through the Disney app. Consider budgeting for meals or exploring meal plans if you’re looking for convenience and savings.

2. Special Events with Additional Costs: Disney often hosts special events and experiences that require a separate admission fee, such as after-hours parties, holiday celebrations, and exclusive tours. These events are not covered by the $59 4-Day Disney Pass and would need to be purchased separately if you wish to participate.

3. Merchandise and Souvenirs: While the parks offer a treasure trove of souvenirs and Disney merchandise, the cost of these items is not included in the ticket price. Whether it’s a Mickey Mouse hat, a princess costume, or other Disney memorabilia, be sure to budget for any souvenirs you plan to bring home.

4. Parking and Transportation: The ticket does not cover parking fees at the theme parks or the cost of transportation to and from the parks, such as rental cars, taxis, or ride-share services. However, guests staying at Disney Resort hotels enjoy complimentary transportation to the parks and free parking at the hotel and theme parks.

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5. Add-On Options: The base ticket allows entry to one theme park per day but does not include add-on options like the Park Hopper or Water Park and Sports options. These add-ons can enhance your experience but come at an additional cost.

6. Theme Park Reservations: While not an exclusion per se, it’s crucial to remember that making an advance reservation for each park visit is mandatory and subject to availability. This ensures you have a spot on the days you wish to visit, as entry is not guaranteed without a reservation, even with a ticket.

Planning for a Magical Visit: Knowing what’s not included in your $59 4-Day Disney Pass allows you to plan and budget effectively for your Disney vacation. By understanding these exclusions, you can tailor your trip to your interests and needs, ensuring that your time at Walt Disney World is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Remember, the magic of Disney is in the experience itself, and with a little planning, your visit can be everything you’ve dreamed of and more.

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Tips to Maximize Your Florida Resident Ticket at Disney

Embarking on a Disney World adventure with the $59 4-Day Florida Resident Ticket is an exciting prospect. To ensure you get the most magic out of your visit, here are some tried-and-true tips that can enhance your experience, save you time, and even help you navigate the parks more efficiently:

1. Plan Ahead with My Disney Experience: Before your visit, download the My Disney Experience app. This powerful tool helps you manage park reservations, FastPass+ selections (when available), mobile food orders, and more. It’s your digital guide to everything Disney, helping you streamline your visit and keep track of your plans.

2. Make Early Park Reservations: With the requirement for park reservations, it’s crucial to book your spot as soon as possible. Popular dates and parks fill up quickly, especially during holidays and special events. Early reservations ensure you won’t miss out on your preferred dates.

3. Arrive Early and Stay Late: Parks are generally less crowded early in the morning and late in the evening. Plan to arrive before the park opens to enjoy shorter lines for popular attractions. Similarly, staying late can also pay off, as crowds tend to thin, and cooler temperatures make the experience more enjoyable.

4. Take Advantage of Less Busy Times: If your schedule allows, visit the parks on weekdays and during off-peak seasons when the crowds are smaller. You’ll enjoy shorter wait times for attractions and a more relaxed pace to explore the parks.

5. Utilize Mobile Food Orders: To save time and avoid long lines at meal times, use the mobile food ordering feature on the My Disney Experience app. You can order from select restaurants throughout the parks and pick up your food at a designated time.

6. Plan Your Park Days Strategically: Consider starting your adventure at the park you’re most excited about when you’re fresh and full of energy. Also, if you’re visiting multiple parks, try to plan them on consecutive days to reduce travel time and maximize your park time.

7. Stay Hydrated and Take Breaks: Florida’s weather can be hot and humid, especially in the summer. Stay hydrated by bringing a refillable water bottle and take advantage of shaded areas and indoor shows for breaks.

8. Explore Lesser-Known Attractions: While iconic rides and attractions are a must-see, don’t overlook the lesser-known gems in each park. These can offer unique experiences with shorter wait times.

9. Consider Staying at a Disney Resort Hotel: If it fits your budget, staying at a Disney Resort hotel offers additional perks like early park entry, which can give you a head start on the day’s adventures.

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10. Embrace the Magic: Remember, part of the Disney experience is immersing yourself in the storytelling and magic of the parks. Take time to appreciate the details, enjoy spontaneous encounters with characters, and let the magic of Disney lead the way.

By following these tips, you can maximize the value and enjoyment of your $59 4-Day Disney Pass, creating unforgettable memories with your loved ones in the most magical place on Earth.

Hotel Options for a 3-4 Day Stay in Orlando for Florida Residents

For Florida residents planning the perfect Disney getaway with the $59 4-Day Pass, finding the right place to stay is crucial for an unforgettable experience. One standout option that complements your Disney adventure is the special offer from Westgate Resorts, which combines comfort, convenience, and incredible value.

Exclusive Westgate Resort Offer for a Magical Stay

Westgate Town Center Waterpark
Westgate Town Center Waterpark

A Special Deal Just for You: Westgate Town Center Resort in Kissimmee, FL, presents a remarkable offer tailored for families and groups of up to 4. Enjoy a 4-day/3-night stay at this exquisite resort, located just minutes from the Walt Disney World theme parks, for a promotional price of just $99 after discounts and cash back. This offer includes:

  • 4 Day/3 Night Hotel Stay: Dive into the comfort and luxury of Westgate Town Center Resort, a family-friendly destination near Disney World, with upgrades available to enhance your stay.
  • $100 Cash Back: The first 100 callers can enjoy an additional perk of $100 cash back, which can be used towards theme park tickets, meals, shopping, and more, adding even more value to your stay.
  • Great Flexibility: With 12 months to travel, take advantage of the FlexBook option, allowing you to secure this amazing price now and decide your travel dates later. Plus, enjoy free cancellation up to 7 days before your arrival date, giving you peace of mind.

Why We Love Westgate Town Center Resort: Nestled at 7700 Westgate Blvd, Kissimmee, FL 34747, this resort is a haven of relaxation and fun, offering amenities and activities that everyone in the family will enjoy:

  • Onsite Waterpark & Lazy River: Perfect for cooling off and having fun in the sun.
  • 14 Outdoor Pools and Jacuzzis: Relax or take a dip in the many pools available.
  • Proximity to Disney Parks: Just minutes away from the magic of Disney, making it easy to come and go as you please.
  • Leisure and Dining: With mini golf, a free onsite movie theater, multiple restaurants, and even a Starbucks™, there’s entertainment and dining options for all tastes.
  • Pet-Friendly: Your furry family members can join the vacation too (with a fee).

Book With Confidence: EpikVacations, a trusted leader in travel since 2004, offers this exclusive deal with confidence. Having booked more than 200,000 room nights across the United States, they provide the assurance and reliability you need when planning your vacation.

Westgate Town Center aerial
Westgate Town Center aerial

Make Your Disney Vacation Unforgettable: Choosing the right accommodation can elevate your Disney experience, offering a comfortable retreat after a day of adventure. With Westgate Town Center Resort’s special offer for Florida residents, you can enjoy a luxurious stay at an unbeatable price, making your Disney vacation even more magical.

Reserve now for only $99 and start planning your next vacation today. Remember, the first 100 callers get $100 cash back, adding even more value to your magical getaway. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to create lasting memories just minutes from the fun at Walt Disney World!

Detailed Comparison Chart for the Disney Florida Resident Tickets Features

Embarking on a Disney adventure is an exciting prospect, and understanding the features and benefits of the $59 4-Day Disney Pass for Florida Residents is key to making the most of your visit. Here, we’ll break down the important details, options, and considerations for this special pass to help you plan your magical journey with ease.

Valid Dates
April 2 to September 28, 2024
Advance Park Reservation
Required for park entry. Check availability before purchasing. Make reservations immediately after ticket purchase.
Park Access
One theme park per day. Choose from Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
Florida Residency Proof
Required for adults at park entrance.
Admission and Capacity
Admission is subject to park capacity. Attractions and offerings may close or change without notice.
Water Parks Availability
– Blizzard Beach available until March 16, 2024.
– Typhoon Lagoon reopens March 17, 2024.
Park Hopper Options
Available at an additional cost. Allows visiting more than one park per day, subject to park capacity.
Sports and Recreation
Park Hopper Plus and Water Park and Sports Options provide visits to a water park, golf course, or miniature golf, depending on ticket length.
ESPN Wide World of Sports
Admission included on event days, some events may require an additional fee.
FlexBook Option
Secure promotional price and decide travel dates later, with 12 months to travel.
Cancellation Policy
Free cancellation up to 7 days before arrival date.

By understanding these key features and considerations, you’re better equipped to plan your Disney visit. Whether it’s the thrill of the theme parks, the splash of water parks, or the joy of sports and recreation, the $59 4-Day Disney Pass for Florida Residents opens the door to a world of magic and adventure, all tailored to the needs and interests of those who call Florida home.

Other Offers: 3-Day $89 and 4-Day $99 Disney Passes for Non-Residents

While Florida residents have access to exclusive Disney pass offers that provide remarkable value, non-residents aren’t left out of the magical experience. Disney World offers specially priced passes that cater to visitors from outside the Sunshine State, ensuring everyone has the chance to explore the enchantment of Disney parks. Here’s a brief comparison of the offers available for Florida residents and non-residents, highlighting the unique benefits for Florida locals.

Non-Resident Offers:

  • 3-Day Disney Pass for $89: This pass grants access to three of Disney’s iconic theme parks over three days. It’s a budget-friendly option for those who wish to dive into the magic of Disney without a commitment to a longer stay. Perfect for a quick, magical getaway that covers the highlights of Disney World.
  • 4-Day Disney Pass for $99: For an additional $10, guests can extend their adventure to four days, allowing them to visit all four Walt Disney World theme parks. This includes the legendary Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom, offering a more comprehensive Disney experience. This pass is ideal for guests wanting to fully immerse themselves in the magic and wonder of Disney World. 4-Day Disney Pass $99

Advantages for Florida Residents:

Florida residents enjoy specially tailored offers that provide an even greater value, such as the $59 4-Day Disney Pass. These resident-exclusive deals not only offer significant savings but also come with the flexibility to use the tickets on consecutive or nonconsecutive days, adding convenience to the mix. Furthermore, the option to secure these tickets at a lower price point underlines Disney’s commitment to making the magic accessible to those who call Florida home.

For those considering a visit, whether you’re a Florida resident or coming from afar, Disney’s range of ticket options ensures there’s a package that fits every need and budget. For a deeper dive into these offers and to compare the benefits of each, explore our detailed guide on discount Walt Disney World tickets.

Choosing the Right Pass:

Selecting between the Florida resident and non-resident offers depends on your unique needs, budget, and travel plans. While the resident passes offer unmatched value and flexibility for locals, the non-resident passes ensure that everyone can experience the magic of Disney, regardless of where they come from. Each pass option is designed to provide guests with an unforgettable Disney adventure, filled with joy, magic, and the timeless charm that only Disney can offer.

Frequently Asked Questions about Disney Florida Resident Tickets

Can Florida residents purchase Disney Florida Resident Tickets for guests living outside of Florida?

No, Disney Florida Resident Tickets are exclusively for Florida residents. Adults will need to provide proof of Florida residency at the park entrance, such as a state-issued ID, to use these tickets.

Are there any blackout dates for the $59 4-Day Disney Pass for Florida residents?

The $59 4-Day Disney Pass is valid from April 2 to September 28, 2024. While this offer doesn’t specify blackout dates within this period, it’s essential to make park reservations in advance due to limited availability and capacity restrictions.

How do the add-on options for the Disney Florida Resident Tickets work?

Add-ons, like the Park Hopper and Water Park and Sports options, offer enhanced flexibility, allowing guests to visit more than one park per day or enjoy additional activities. These can be purchased separately and are subject to additional fees beyond the base ticket price.

What proof of Florida residency is required for purchasing Disney Florida Resident Tickets?

Valid proof of Florida residency includes a Florida driver’s license, state-issued ID card with a Florida address, or a Florida-based military ID. Other documentation may be accepted; check Disney’s official guidelines for a comprehensive list.

Can Disney Florida Resident Tickets be upgraded to include more days or add-ons after purchase?

Yes, Disney Florida Resident Tickets can be upgraded to include additional days or add-on options, provided the upgrade is done within the ticket’s validity period and subject to additional fees. Upgrades must be processed in person at any Walt Disney World ticket window.

What happens if I can’t make a park reservation for the dates I want with my Disney Florida Resident Ticket?

Due to the reservation system’s limited capacity, it’s possible that desired dates or parks may be unavailable. Guests are encouraged to check reservation availability frequently as cancellations may open up new slots. If you’re unable to secure a reservation for your preferred dates, consider visiting during less busy times or utilizing the FlexBook option for greater flexibility.

Embrace the enchantment of Walt Disney World with our guide to Disney Florida Resident Tickets. From unmatched access to personalized tips, these tickets offer Florida residents an unparalleled experience. Whether it’s a 4-day magical journey or exploring hotel deals, maximize your adventure with these exclusive offers. Discover more and plan the ultimate Disney escape tailored just for you.


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