NASCAR i-Drive indoor Kart Racing is a family-friendly racing venue set, that unveils a circuit designed to merge innovation and creativity with driving skill and precision. Every detail of the circuit comment your need for speed with a racing experience that leaves you wanting more.

I-Drive Indoor Kart Racing is an entertainment complex which includes the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art, eco-friendly electric karts. In this amazing venue, visitors can challenge themselves and also have an exhilarating and pleasurable experience competing with each other reaching speeds of up to 45 mph. For those looking for a more personable experience, visitors will receive a “Racer Card” that allows guests to track their own racing times, which are also used to queue them up for upcoming races.


I-Drive NASCAR Indoor Kart racing puts you in driver’s seat.
  • 12 turns
  • 3 hairpins
  • 1 chicane
  • “The Senna S”
Located just off I-Drive on Vanguard Street, the facility includes bowling lanes, an arcade area, a bar and eatery, and meeting space that all looks toward the main feature: A half-mile winding and hair-pinning track with electric go-karts whizzing by at 45 miles per hour.
All cars are: Fully ergonomic with adjustable Steering, pedal and seat for optimum driver position. Patented Safety System including High Energy Absorption Design, ProSlide Absorber and full body protection. Exclusive Chassis engineered for performance and enhance precision. ENGEC Motor- silent, non-polluting with ramp-up burst of speed creating the unlimited thrill.



Inside I-Drive Nascar is the renowned Grandstand Bar & Grille. Here you can select from our menu a variety of choices that will satisfy your racing appetite. At the Grandstand Bar & Grille, we have taken great care to provide you with the best eating experience possible. 


Check it out at: idrivenascar.com

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