Halloween Costumes 15 Inspired by Disney

Sharing a Halloween costume concept with your significant other is totally acceptable and is typically highly commended, but finding the right match isn’t as easy as it seems. If you’re opting for a couples costume beyond Disney princes and Princesses, we’ve got a few A+ ideas for you to consider:

1. Robin Hood & Maid Marian

A - Quiz - Which Disney Couple are You and Your Significant Other? Robin Hood and Maid Marian

Robin Hood and Maid Marian are one of our favorite Disney couples, and their outfits make them a great couples costume idea for Halloween. We love Maid Marian’s layered dress look and choker necklace, and what guy wouldn’t look great in a green tunic and feather cap?

2. Donald & Daisy Duck

Mickey and Friends_Donal and Daisy Dancing

Donald and Daisy are a classic couple easily, distinguished by their signature outfit and accessories.

3. Jack & Sally


We highly recommend being Jack Skellington and Sally for a Halloween evening. They’re both such fun characters to play for a night, and their makeup is pretty awesome.

4. Yzma & Kronk


This duo may be far from romantically involved, but the hilarious pairing is sure to create conversation. On your own, people may not understand who you’re trying to be, but together, the combination is perfect.

5. Hercules & Meg


If you have long luscious hair and your significant other looks good in a cape, you should probably be Hercules and Megara for Halloween.

6. Peter Pan & Tinker Bell


Green tights definitely need to be involved to make this costume really fly. If you’re up for that challenge, this couples costume is always a great choice.

7. Woody & Jessie

Woody Jessie and Bullseye in Toy Story

Upgrade your casual cowboy and cowgirl looks by being Woody and Jessie. To complete the look, you’ll need to DIY a toy’s pullstring to affix to the back of your top. Remember to practice your catch phrases!

8. Lady & The Tramp


Make this costume Instagram-worthy by bringing a piece of string with you wherever you go. When someone asks who you are, share the string in your mouth like a string of spaghetti. Angle your eyes up to the corner to really get the full effect of this adorable scene.

9. Mike Wazowski & Celia


Plan for a lot of pet names if you choose to be these one-eyed monsters. Chances are, you’ll probably annoy a lot of people with the “googly bears” and “schmoopsie poos,” but you’ll probably also win “best costume” of the night.

10. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head in Toy Story

The Potato Head couple isn’t an easy costume to put together on your own, but it’s always one that turns heads!

11. Judy Hopps & Nicke Wilde


This year’s favorite friendly duo is a great choice for a costume between you and a friend, brother, or significant other.

12. Anita & Roger Radcliffe

Roger and Anita stumble in 101 Dalmatians

Anita and Roger wear some of our favorite fall outfits. To really pull their looks off, carry around a dalmatian plush.

13. Wall•E & Eva

WallE and Eve holding hands

These costumes will take a lot of DIY effort, but when complete, they will be the talk of the party.

14. Bernard & Bianca


While a little bit abstract, costumes for Bianca and Bernard are nostalgic and easy to put together.

15. Mickey & Minnie

times disney restored our faith in love -Minnie and Mickey

Last, but certainly not least, no Disney couple is more classic than Mickey and Minnie Mouse. It’s not a difficult costume to pull off, and it’s one we know everyone will enjoy.

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