7 Fun Facts About Universal Orlando’s Jurassic Park

Have you ever wanted to explore some of mysteries of Jurassic Park? Maybe even interact with some of these once-extinct creatures?

At Universal Orlando Resort, there are some things you may or may not have known about our Jurassic Park, located in Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme park.

1. The Jurassic Park Discovery Center is modeled very closely to the “Welcome Center” in the original film.

2. The Jurassic Park jeeps available for photos are the actual jeeps from the first movie.

3. Ever wonder what happened to Dennis Nedry’s Barbosal can? Well, we can’t say for sure it ever made it off Isla Nublar, but this can be spotted in the Jurassic Park Discovery Center:

4. Life, uh, finds a way. How did scientists bring dinosaurs back from extinction? Dino DNA, of course! You can witness the miracle of a Raptor hatching in the Jurassic Park Discovery Center:

5. Inspired by John Hammond’s grandchildren, Lex and Tim, we created Camp Jurassic. In Camp Jurassic, you can explore Amber Mines, discovering insects carrying Dino DNA, battle with water cannons on Dilophosaur Paddock, and venture into caves that hold prehistoric secrets. You can even get a Pteranodon’s view of the prehistoric as they glide gently through the air on Pteranodon Flyers!

6. Sparing no expense in attention to detail, imprints of fossils and jurassic era flora are etched into the walkways of Jurassic Park:

7. Want to come face-to-face with a raptor? Well, you’re in luck (or possibly unlucky)! You can now get up close and personal with the famous dinosaur at the new Raptor Encounter. Are you brave enough?
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