DisneyQuest set to close in July to make way for new attraction

Published date on February 2, 2017

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Disney has now confirmed that DisneyQuest the interactive indoor-theme park will be officially closing on July 3rd, 2017 to make way for a new experience. The NBA Experience was said to be taking over the building, bringing in new hands-on activities for families, a restaurant, and a retail store. Check out the new Town Center in Disney Springs!


DisneyQuest Indoor Interactive Theme Park represented a groundbreaking venture in the late 1990s, embodying Disney’s ambition to merge its storytelling prowess with the burgeoning field of interactive technology. Conceived as a “theme park of the future,” it opened its doors in 1998 at Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs) in Orlando, Florida. The attraction promised an unparalleled adventure, offering a multi-level arcade filled with virtual reality attractions, classic arcade games, and interactive experiences that leveraged cutting-edge technology of the time.

The essence of DisneyQuest was its commitment to immersing visitors in a digital landscape where imagination and technology converged. This indoor theme park was designed not just as an entertainment venue but as a portal to virtual worlds, where guests could pilot their own adventures, from steering magic carpets to designing and riding their own roller coasters.

The Attractions of DisneyQuest

DisneyQuest’s allure was rooted in its diverse array of attractions, each offering a unique interactive experience. “Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride” transported guests to the mythical city of Agrabah, where they navigated through three-dimensional environments on a quest to find the Genie’s lamp. “Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for Buccaneer Gold” placed visitors in the middle of a swashbuckling adventure, battling sea monsters and enemy pirates to claim treasure. Meanwhile, “CyberSpace Mountain” allowed guests to design their own roller coasters and then experience a simulated ride, complete with twists, turns, and drops, in a virtual reality environment.

Other notable attractions included the “Virtual Jungle Cruise,” where guests paddled down a prehistoric river, dodging dinosaurs and navigating rapids, and the “Invasion! An ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter,” which tasked teams with rescuing a captured alien. These experiences highlighted DisneyQuest’s innovative use of technology to create immersive and engaging environments for guests of all ages.

The Technology Behind the Magic

At the heart of DisneyQuest was its pioneering use of interactive and virtual reality technology. Attractions like “Ride the Comix” plunged visitors into comic book worlds where they battled villains with laser swords, all through VR headsets that were revolutionary at the time. The technology behind these attractions was cutting-edge, leveraging early VR platforms, motion simulators, and interactive digital environments to create experiences that were ahead of their time.

DisneyQuest’s approach to entertainment technology was not just about showcasing the latest gadgets; it was about crafting stories and adventures that could only be told through interactive experiences. This commitment to technological innovation was evident in every aspect of the park, from the design of the attractions to the software that powered them.

Memorable Moments and Guest Experiences

Visitors to DisneyQuest often recounted the sense of wonder and excitement that accompanied each visit. Whether it was the thrill of battling alongside pirates or the joy of creating and sharing their own animated characters at the “Animation Academy,” DisneyQuest provided a playground for the imagination that was unmatched by any other entertainment venue of its time. These shared experiences fostered a sense of community among guests, creating memories that lasted long after the final visit.

The Closure of DisneyQuest

Despite its innovative attractions and the joy it brought to many, DisneyQuest closed its doors in 2017. The decision to close was influenced by a combination of factors, including the rapid advancement of home gaming technology, which lessened the novelty of DisneyQuest’s offerings, and Disney’s evolving strategic priorities, which shifted focus towards other projects within Disney Springs. The closure marked the end of an era for Disney’s experimental foray into interactive theme parks, leaving behind a legacy of innovation and creativity.

The Legacy and Influence of DisneyQuest

The legacy of DisneyQuest extends beyond its physical presence; it paved the way for future innovations in theme park entertainment and interactive experiences. Its early adoption of virtual reality and immersive storytelling foreshadowed the trends that would become central to the entertainment industry in the following decades. DisneyQuest’s influence can be seen in the continued evolution of Disney parks and attractions, which increasingly incorporate interactive and personalized elements, drawing on the pioneering spirit that DisneyQuest embodied.

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The End of an Era

“Exploring the Magic of DisneyQuest Interactive Adventures: A Retrospective” pays homage to a visionary project that sought to redefine entertainment by blending the magic of Disney with the limitless possibilities of interactive technology. While DisneyQuest may no longer welcome guests through its doors, its spirit of innovation, adventure, and creativity continues to inspire the future of entertainment, reminding us of the power of imagination in a digital age. DisneyQuest’s story is a testament to the enduring legacy of Disney’s ventures into uncharted territories, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who ventured into its digital realms.

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