Disney Refillable Mugs 8 Things You May Not Know

Published date on September 22, 2016

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According to Disney Dining.com, refillable mugs are everywhere at Walt Disney World. You’ll see plenty of people carrying the tumblers with Disney characters on them and brightly colored tops. The mugs may or may not have a matching handle. What, exactly, are refillable mugs? They’re sold in the food courts and a few other places at the Walt Disney World owned resorts. Disney has changed the program a couple of times, but the system that they have right now seems to be working. The information here is for people who have never used a Refillable Mug. If you’ve used one, you know how simple they are. If you’re baffled by Refillable Mugs, here are eight things about them that might help to alleviate some of that confusion.

8. Won’t Work in the Parks

A common misconception about Refillable Mugs is that you can fill them up wherever you want, including in the theme parks. Others think that you can fill them once a day in the parks. The truth is that in the parks you can fill them with water and that is it. The latest design does not have a handle, so clipping your mug to your backpack is no longer an option. Before you bring your mug into a park remember that you’ll have to carry it all day, so it might make more sense to leave it back in your room.

7. The Water Parks Have Their Own

If you look on the Walt Disney World website, you might notice that the water parks have refillable mug stations. Don’t think that you will be able to bring your Refillable Mug from your resort and fill it up all day at the water parks. They have their own program, and it is not compatible with the mugs from the resorts.

6. So Where Can Refillable Mugs Be Used?

You might wonder what good Refillable Mugs are if you can’t use them in the theme parks. They will still come in handy. You can enjoy your morning coffee from the food court and a soft drink at the end of a long day. If you’re planning an off day by the hotel pool, your mug will come in handy. You can use the mugs at any of the Walt Disney World owned resorts, so if you decide to watch Wishes from the observation deck at Disney’s Contemporary Resort or you want to see the animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, bring your mug along and fill it up. The resort needs to be owned by Disney, you can’t use it if you’re visiting Shades of Green or the Walt Disney World Swan or Dolphin.

5. Work for Hot and Cold

If you’re wondering what you can fill your mug with, it will work for both hot and cold beverages. Walt Disney World uses Coke products, and you’ll be able to find all of your favorites. You can also fill the mug with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. There is usually a place where you can wash your mug near the refill station so you can keep it clean. Once you get home, the mugs are top shelf dishwasher safe and microwaveable.

4. Mix Your Favorite Beverages

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To fill your mug with a cold beverage you will place it below the spout and fill it until a “Fill Complete” message appears. That doesn’t mean that you can’t mix beverages. You can move the mug around and add a little bit of this and a little bit of that as much as you want until you see that message. If you like to create your own soda flavors by mixing several, that’s not a problem with Refillable Mugs.

3. Alcohol Not Included

While you can drink as much Coke or coffee as you want with your Refillable Mug, you cannot fill it with alcohol of any kind. This is true outside of your room even if you fill it with your own beer or wine. At Walt Disney World alcohol in public areas is to be consumed in certain places, and is usually served in clear glasses. Since the mugs aren’t clear, they aren’t intended for alcohol. What you fill them with once you’re at home is your own business.

2. Free With the Disney Dining Plan

If you’re trying to decide whether or not to buy Refillable Mugs for your family and you’re planning on purchasing the Disney Dining Plan, you’re in luck. If you purchase the plan, the mugs are included at no extra cost. It does not matter which version of the Disney Dining Plan you buy. This is true even if you visit when the Quick Service Dining Plan is offered for free, you will still receive a Refillable Mug.

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1. Good for Length of Stay

It used to be that there were different options for how long you could use a Refillable Mug but now there is just one; length of stay. A mug for a weekend getaway will cost the same amount as a mug for a two week vacation. You don’t need to be staying on Walt Disney World property to purchase a Refillable Mug, but off property guests will on

via Disney Dining.com


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