State Road 405, Kennedy Space Center, Florida
Take an incredible journey through the fascinating history of American space flight at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, which is located just 45 minutes East of Orlando. The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex draws more than 1.5 million visitors annually. Tour NASA’s launch headquarters, view space shuttle launch pads, enjoy a 3-D space film at one of the two onsite IMAX theaters, relive the moon landing at the Apollo/Saturn V Center, stroll through a full-scale replica of a shuttle orbiter and visit the Astronaut Hall of Fame. In addition, the Shuttle Launch Experience is an immensely popular virtual simulation ride. Other attractions at the Kennedy Space Center include Astronaut Encounter, Mad Mission to Mars and Rocket Garden, as well as the Eye on the Universe: The Hubble Space Telescope exhibit.

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is open daily (except Christmas day) at 9 AM. For more information about the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, visit

Space Pass
Space Pass allows all-access to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and includes admission, Lunch with an Astronaut and the guided Discover KSC Tour. Guests can enjoy each of these elements in one day or spread their visit over two days within a 7-day period of the ticket’s first use. Space Pass features:

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Admission Ticket:
Includes admission into the park, two IMAX movies, Shuttle Launch Experience Simulator, U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, exhibits, shows and other attractions, second day FREE within 7 days, FREE parking, FREE strollers, FREE wheelchairs and FREE kennels.

Lunch With an Astronaut: Experience the thrill of Lunch With an Astronaut. Listen to inspiring space travel stories and ask questions of a NASA space hero, all while enjoying a delicious meal. Offered daily, this program features a personalized presentation by a featured astronaut about what it was like to live and work in space. Guests have the opportunity to ask questions and have a photo with the featured astronaut. NOTE: Advanced reservations required. Please call 1-866-737-5235.

Discover KSC Tour: This guided tour, led by a trained space expert, gives visitors an insider’s view of the space program from launch preparation to liftoff. The tour includes views of the space shuttle launch pads, the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) and the Operations and Checkout building, where astronauts prepare for their flights. Guests also see the Shuttle Landing Facility and the massive Crawler-Transporter, which transports the space shuttle from the VAB to its launch pad. Each visitor receives a special VIP kit at the end of the program. The tour stops in between the space shuttle launch pads, offering a close-up photo opportunity, and the NASA Causeway, where guests are surrounded by launch pads and may view the solid rocket booster recovery ships. NOTE: NASA reserves the right to cancel or alter tour locations and/or security requirements without notice. Advanced reservations required. Please call 1-866-737-5235.

RICH’S TRIVIA: On November 14, 1969, Richard Nixon was the first U.S. president to attend a space launch (Apollo 12).

Kennedy Space Center Video

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