Comic-Con Celebrates Star Trek Turning 50! gifts us with highlights of this epic event!

Star Trek Panel for 50th Anniversary and Comic Con

Happy 50th Anniversary year, Star Trek!It’s a big year for the resurgence of the other Star property (no, not Stargate), Star Trek, with a new movie starring the Paramount Kelvin timeline cast and a new show coming to CBS All Access in January 2017. That’s not all that is happening in the world of Trek, and that’s why Star Trek has launched its first official Trek podcast: Engage with Jordan Hoffman.

Star Trek Podcast poster

Engage was on hand this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con for the Star Trek 50th Anniversary panel, which was moderated by Fuller, the showrunner of next year’s Star Trek: Discovery (check out the first look at the Discovery here!) and included Trek luminaries William Shatner (Star Trek), Scott Bakula (Enterprise), Michael Dorn (The Next Generation, Deep Space 9), Jeri Ryan (Voyager), and Brent Spiner (The Next Generation).

The panel covered a bevy of issues before ending with the Star Trek: Discovery announcement, including several of the cast members connecting Gene Roddenberry’s vision to the chaotic state the world seems to be in this 2016. This got pretty extreme, like when Shatner said Tribbles were his favorite alien species because they highlight the issue of overpopulation.

Yup, it’s like that.

If you weren’t in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con, you missed out on this amazing panel but fear not! Engage: The Official Star Trek podcast has you covered. Listen to the whole thing or you’ll miss Brent Spiner’s excellent Patrick Stewart impression.

Panel starts at 11:50 in the podcast, after commentary from Engage’s host, Jordan Hoffman.

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