Brick-or-Treat Weekends at Legoland Florida Loads of Fun


Legoland Florida brings fun, frights with Brick-or-Treat weekends

What’s the perfect formula for scary and fun in the Halloween potion for your young ghouls and goblins?

Legoland Florida Resort is confident they have the answer in their annual Brick-or-Treat event, featured at the theme park on weekends in October.

  • Virginia Johnson puts on her Mad Scientist smock to investigate
  • Lego Frankenstein stalks the Bay News 9 newsroom
  • Brick-or-Treat offers trick-or-treat trails, a costume parade, fireworks show

Because I am a reporter and must not simply take these claims at face value, I opened my own secret Lego Laboratory in our newsroom. [Editor’s note: it was really just the green room.]

If I created my own Lego monster, what is be the right mix of scary and fun?

I donned my white lab coat and mask lest even water molecules from my exhaling breath affect my experiment.

I created my own little Lego Frankenstein, covered him with a towel and applied some juice with the help of jumper cables—like from a car. [Editor’s note: No monsters were electricuted or otherwise harmed in the writing of this story.]

As the energy flowed from the little Lego man’s googley eyes through to his thick, stacked boots, it was like the room went from a grainy black and white horror movie to a colorful horror movie filled with smoke and flashing lights. [Editor’s note: That’s what happens when you flip the light switch on and off.]
And there he was: our very own real-life Lego Frankenstein, born of the colorful little Legos in the children’s starter set that lay at his now human-sized feet.

Frankenstein staggered through the studios, hugging reporters and producers, dancing with anchors and even posing for countless #frankieselfies. [Editor’s note: He also dropped off a resumé – he wants Chuck Henson’s job, apparently.]

Little does BN9 Traffic Expert Chuck Henson know that Frank has eyes on his job … (Bay News 9)

The good people of Legoland Florida Resort were correct with their formula. Frankenstein was just a touch of scary with a lot of fun, just like Brick-or-Treat.

“They are the celebrities of the event of course,” said Legoland spokesperson Brittany Williams. “Adults love it just as much as the kids. I think they are ready to snap the selfie — take home a memory as well.”

In addition to meeting Frankie, the theme park offers an afternoon of trick-or-treat trails with tons of candy and a massive pumpkin to crawl inside for pictures.

Children are encouraged to wear costumes to take part in a parade, and later in the evening enjoy a pretty unique fireworks display.

“You actually put on special glasses and you look into the sky, and it’s as if thousands of Lego bricks are exploding out of the fireworks,” explained Williams. “This year, it’s a creepy crawly spider theme to the fireworks so that’ll be neat to see.” [Editor’s note: Spiders. Yikes.]

And in case anyone might be worried about us here, with Frankie lurching about here in our newsroom, Williams and her group of Legoland Florida Resort companions included a very nice monster wrangler. So Frankie did indeed leave us to live in Legoland forever. [Editor’s note: We may call him back about the resumé, though.]

For more information about Legoland’s Brick-or-Treat event, click HERE.

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