10 Essencials Things to Bring Into Walt Disney World’s Parks

Published date on March 21, 2016

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Whether this is your first visit or you are “veteran” Disney goer, these recommended hints and tips will help make your trip a whole lot smoother.

Visiting the Walt Disney World Parks is always a memorable experience. Many guests bring bags with essential items to make their long day in the park run smoothly. Here are ten items you should take with you into the Disney World Parks.

10. Backpacks

Packing too many items for the park can make your bags really heavy. Be sure to have everyone in your party wear a light backpack. You can distribute all of your needed items amongst everyone so that one person isn’t left carrying everything. This also helps with avoiding locker rentals. Instead of spending money on a locker rental, you can have you own ‘portable locker’ with everyone in your party carrying essential items. It also makes your bag inspection time briefer.

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9. Rain Poncho

Florida weather is extremely unpredictable. One minute the sun is brightly shining, and the next it appears there is a hurricane coming your way. After about 5 minutes of this terrible weather, the sun is shining again (similar to London). Having a rain poncho on hand is a great way to continue walking around the parks without having to get soaked. Bringing the rain poncho with you is a great way to save money and not have to dip into your wallet for an unexpected expense.

8. Cash and Credit Cards

Speaking of unexpected expenses, there are a few areas in the parks that do not allow you to pay with your MagicBand. Kiosks that offer silhouette paintings, unique umbrellas, and caricatures all require credit cards or cash for payment. There have been several times that guests only bring their MagicBand into the park for payment and then cannot purchase their souvenirs at these kiosks. It is important to have an alternative method of payment for expenses. Do not forget your ID.

7. Water

Florida heat (and humidity) is unlike any other you will ever feel.  It is so important to stay hydrated throughout the parks. Bringing a water bottle helps with staying hydrated without having to dish out $3.00 each time you want a water from the parks. You will be surprised as to how much water you will consume when hanging out at the happiest place on earth!

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6. Sun Protective Gear

The sun is bright in the Sunshine State, so if you burn easily. Bringing a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, and lip balm is a great way to protect you from the sun.

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5. Snacks

Snacks can get extremely pricey. Bringing in snacks is a great way to cut costs on dining. A typical snack will run you about $5 per person (not including a beverage). Instead of spending that kind of money on snacks, you can put it towards a nice meal at a sit down restaurant.

4. Light Jacket

If you get cold easily, you may want to bring a light jacket. Most shows are housed in air-conditioned theaters and some rides have guests wait in line in air-conditioned buildings. It may be best to bring a light jacket if you know you get cold easily in these places. If you are visiting the parks during the short winter months, bring a heavier jacket or sweater. Just be sure to check the weather before your departure so that you know what would be appropriate to bring with you.

3. Mini-first aid kit

You can make your own little kit with some Band-Aids, itch/burn cream, ibuprofen, etc. There are also first aid stations in the parks with some of these items available.

2. Camera

With so many magical moments, you will want to make sure you capture them all in pictures. Bringing in a nice camera will ensure your pictures are top-notch quality! Cell phones these days have great picture quality as well, so if you don’t want to carry around a bulky camera use your phone instead!

1. Cell Phone and Charger

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The main reason you should bring your cell phone into the parks is to use the My Disney Experience app. Gone are the days of having to carry around a park map! You will be able to see the entire park on your phone, check wait times, locate character meet and greets, and schedule your fast-passes. You will also be able to see the hours of operation for the parks and rides and locate restaurants. Since you may use your phone most of the day, you may want to invest in a portable cell phone charger to keep you powered up throughout the day.

Now that you’re packed with information, what are you waiting for?

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