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Orlando Florida

You have worked hard and saved snother great way to save money on your Florida trip is to visit the local restaurants in Orlando and pick up the free coupon books, which also are available at various welcome centers across the Orlando area. These books feature coupon savings for all the major attractions, restaurants, hotels and more, and they are not just cents off the dollar coupons - the savings can be as much as 50 percent or more.

Finally, where possible, travel to Orlando during the "off" season. The majority of Orlando's theme park attractions and accommodations offer the biggest savings and value-added incentives. By taking advantage of these Orlando "off" season savings, you will spend much less for your trip than anticipated - making your Orlando vacation all the much more fun!

Additionally, many Orlando area hotels offer free transportation to Orlando area shopping malls and theme parks. When booking an Orlando hotel, be sure to inquire about any free transportation offers. The gas savings accrued when using hotel transportation can make a huge difference. For more cost-saving tips for the Orlando destination, check out our articles below:

Golf in Orlando Florida

The abundance of championship golf courses throughout Orlando and Central Florida make for the ideal golf getaway. With dozens of courses in the Orlando area, a round of golf is available for every skill level and budget...more

Getting to Orlando

Map of Orlando | Orlando international airport
Orlando, Florida, is easily accessible via the Orlando International Airport, which provides bright, attractive and easy-to-navigate terminals that contain a variety of restaurants and specialty stores. Upon arrival at the Orlando International Airport, the trip from your gate to the main terminal aboard an enclosed shuttle with large windows is an experience that provides an incredible preview of Florida’s unique environment – the perfect way to start your Orlando adventure! Continue to explore the Orlando Florida Guide for comprehensive travel information and have a great trip!