What Do You Think are the 10 Best Disney Halloween Accessories?

If you consider yourself to be a die hard Disney Fan, you will understand what is being said here.

 Most Disney Fans don’t play around when it comes to Halloween. To many of us, it’s kind of like an Olympic Sport. We meticulously select our costumes, reserve our tickets for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party as soon as they’re released, and decorate our houses top to bottom in orange and black with a smidge of purple.

It’s a Grand Holiday and we give it every ounce of attention it deserves.

In keeping with the wonderment that is All Hallows’ Eve, we at Mickey Fix have rounded up some of our Favorite Disney Halloween Must-Haves that we’ll hope you’ll find to your decoration and adornment satisfaction.

So let’s head on to the Dark Side and check out some awesome Disney Halloween Must-Haves!

Haunted Mansion Coaster Set

These are just pure, year-round fun; but for the Mansion Fans, these Haunted Mansion Tombstone Coasters provide an extra dose of Halloween awesomeness!

Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Tunic Dress

Nightmare Before Christmas I Am Sally Juniors Tank Dress

Disneyphiles love them some Nightmare Before Christmas! Nobody runs Halloween Town quite like Jack and his main girl, Sally. What better time to dress up like the Pumpkin King’s Better Half than during Halloween with the perfect Sally Tank Dress?

Star Wars Darth Vader Apron

Star Wars Darth Vader Apron

Maybe the Halloween night air isn’t good for your asthma, so you prefer to stay in instead. No problem. Somebody’s gotta stay back and brew up all the Eye of Newt Potions and whatnot. You’ll be the Dark Lord of the kitchen in this Darth Vader Apron, and get to poison people at the same time!

Mickey and Friends Light Up LED Candle

Mickey Light Up Candle

For those who love Halloween, but are afraid of fire, this Mickey and Friends Light Up LED Candle is just the thing to help you get your Halloween on in a safe and Disney-like manner.

Mickey Jack O’ Lantern Luminary Tin

Mickey Mouse Luminary Jack o Lantern

Speaking of safe illumination, save yourself the fire hazard AND the pumpkin messiness with this Mickey Mouse Tin Jack O’ Lantern!

Haunted Mansion Inspired Cookie Cutters

Haunted Mansion Cookie Cutters

Leave your Halloween Party guests wondering whether you’ve poisoned them with theseHaunted Mansion Cookie Cutters, especially when you’re feeding them tombstones.  Show all the foolish mortals how much you care by offering them a delicious morsel before stealing their soul for all eternity. You’re such a good host.

Mickey Mouse Hoodie Hat

Wearing traditional Mickey Ears with your Mickey Mouse outfit is too cliche. Maybe you don’t want an outfit at all. Maybe you want to go as Hipster Mickey, and just don a Mickey Mouse Hoodie Hat and a pair of square-framed specs and some cuffed jeans. That’s cool. We can dig it.

Yoda Pet Costume

Don’t leave Sparky out of the Halloween Fun. He likes treats just like the next guy. Why not dress him up in his little Yoda Pet Costume, give him his own bag to wear around his neck, and see what extra goods you can score on your jaunt around the ‘hood?

Wicked Tube Socks

I mean, these can just flow seamlessly between Halloween and your everyday Wicked Tube Socks. Some may not even think you’re in a costume. And that’s just downright wicked.

Star Wars Ewok Backpack Buddy

I think it would be fun to dress up as a regular Star Wars Character, say Luke or Leia, for Halloween and walk around with a Wicket on my back. That would give a costume that extra layer of Baha. What would even be better is to have an entire conversation at a party and, just as your getting ready to walk away, they notice there’s an entire Forest Dweller hanging from your shoulders. That’s good stuff.

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