27 Hot Spots For Brunch In Orlando

Brunch is many things to many people. It can be a sloppy affair, bolted in hopes of forestalling a hangover; it can be a lovely, proper Mother’s Day meal. It can be a chance to fill in the squad on last night’s exploits, or to rehash them if you were all out together.

It’s a low-key way to try a new restaurant, a chance to catch the game with superior munchies, or a way to soak up the gorgeous Florida weather and cap off your weekend in style. But when it comes down to it, brunch is just breakfast plus lunch – plus booze. What could be better than that?


The ideal brunch experience is one in which you’re as comfortable as if you were on your own couch, except that there are people bringing you delicious food and drinks. That’s why our allegiance will forever be pledged to the giants of Orlando brunch, well-established and welcoming spots that you can count on these places to do you right.


We selected here a few of our, favorite brunch hangouts, a real love affair with the meal that is neither breakfast nor lunch.

Baked Eggs with Spinach:: Asparagus:: and Prosciutto

Dexter’s Thornton Park  808 E. Washington St., 407-648-2777 dexwine.com

Briarpatch 252 N. Park Ave., Winter Park, 407-628-8651 thebriarpatchrestaurant.com

White Wolf Café 1829 N. Orange Ave., 407-895-9911 whitewolfcafe.com

Maxine’s on Shine 337 N. Shine Ave., 407-674-6841 maxinesonshine.com

Avenue Gastrobar 13 S. Orange Ave., 407-839-5039 avenuegastrobar.com8767-land_l

The Porch 643 N. Orange Ave., Winter Park, 407-571-9101 theporchrestaurantandbar.com

Yard House 8367 International Drive, 407-351-8220 yardhouse.com

Swine & Sons 595 W. Fairbanks Ave., Winter Park, 407-636-7601 swineandsons.com

Cask & Larder 565 W. Fairbanks Ave., Winter Park, 321-280-4200 caskandlarder.com

Slate 8323 W. Sand Lake Road, 407-500-7528 slateorlando.com

Segafredo Café 1618 N. Mills Ave., 407-930-6568 segafredocafe.com

Santiago’s Bodega 802 Virginia Drive, 407-412-6979 santiagosbodega.comhamiltons-yelp1

Se7en Bites Bake Shop  207 Primrose Drive, 407-203-0727 facebook.com/se7enbites

Christo’s Café 1815 Edgewater Drive, 407-425-8136 facebook.com/christoscafeorlando

Kasa Restaurant and Bar 183 S Orange Ave,  407-985-5272 kasarestaurant.com

Teak Neighborhood Grill 6400 Time Square Ave, 407-313-5111 teakorlando.com

Hammered Lamb 1235 N. Orange Ave., 407-704-3200 thehammeredlamb.com

Keke’s Breakfast Cafe multiple locations, kekes.com


Tell us what is your favorite Brunch in Orlando.

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