Universal Orlando announces $15 per hour pay

Universal Orlando just announced the addition of their newest theme park, Universal’s Epic Universe. Tom Williams, Chairman and CEO Universal Parks & Resorts, also announced the company will be raising its minimum base rate of pay to $15 per hour.

Williams continued, saying: “We care deeply about our Team Members…And so by the time of park opening (of Universal’s Epic Universe), our minimum base rate start of pay will be $15 per hour and will go up from there. No one is twisting our arms to do this. This is what we believe is appropriate and what we want to do,” said Williams.

The opening of Universal’s Epic Universe, will bring the addition of 14,000 more employees to the company. Universal Orlando Team Members will receive the highest starting wage the company has ever seen. The last time Universal Orlando saw an overall increase in its minimum wage was in November, when the company announced they were raising their starting pay to $12 per hour.

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