‘Frozen’ Games Coming to Disney’s Blizzard Beach

Insidethemagic announced the Frozen Games at Blizzard Beach water park is starting on May 27th. The summer is right around the corner and the water park are starting to heat up!

Frozen Games

It’s getting hotter and hotter with each passing day here in Florida so we can’t wait to enjoy a gorgeous summer with our favorite “Frozen” pals Olaf and Kristoff over at Disney’s Blizzard Beach!

The inaugural “Frozen” Games at the popular water park at Walt Disney World will feature the two stars hosting a variety of fun winter-themed activities for the whole family. Today, the Disney Parks Blog has announced that it will take place starting May 27 and running through Aug. 21!

As for what’s in store for Team Olaf and Team Kristoff, Disney has the breakdown of what’s going to go down:

  • Ice Pail Relays where teams line up and pass pails of water to one another, trying to be the first to fill a container at the end.
  • A “Snowball” Toss where pairs compete in a snow-themed water balloon toss.
  • Ski Pole Limbo, a snowy twist on traditional limbo—using a ski pole as the limbo bar!
  • Slide Races that allow teams to race down one of the signature water slides at Blizzard Beach.

Olaf and Kristoff will be on hand, appearing on the Observation Deck near Summit Plummet to take part in the opening and closing ceremonies, and giving updates on their teams’ progress throughout the day.

The “Frozen” Games will be an all-day event that guests can sign up for when they arrive at the park entrance. All activities are included with regular admission to Blizzard Beach.

Now that sounds like a really fun way to cool off while also getting a little competitive with friends and family! We’ll see you there.

via ‘Frozen’ Games coming to Disney’s Blizzard Beach at Walt Disney World on May 27


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