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Founded in 1929, which Vero Beach attraction is listed on the National Register of Historic Places? McKee Botanical Garden

Which Central Florida city is home to Orange World, which boasts the “World’s Largest Orange”? Kissimmee

What Florida city is known as “The City with Small Town Charm”? Belleview

Disney World’s largest theme park opened on Earth Day – April 22, 1998. Name it. Disney’s Animal Kingdom

In what year did the Florida Marlins defeat the Cleveland Indians to become the youngest expansion team to win the World Series? 1997

Which U.S. astronaut, who served as commander of the Apollo 16 mission in 1972 and first shuttle (Columbia) in 1981, grew up in Orlando? John Young

Which Cuban-American rap star was born Armando Christian Perez in Miami? Pitbull

At 24 miles, where is the longest stretch of undeveloped beach along the East Coast of Florida? Canaveral National Seashore

Approximately how many Lego bricks were used to build the sculptures at LEGOLAND Florida? 50 million

Which 1958 movie that starred Christopher Plummer was filmed on location in Everglades National Park? Wind Across the Everglades

Jack Hanna of “Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures” served as the director of which Florida zoo from 1973-75? Central Florida Zoo

Which Florida city was named a finalist in the Best for Food category in Rand McNally’s Best of the Road competition in 2011? Gulfport

What was the original name of the Arnold Palmer Invitational, which was founded in 1979? Bay Hill Citrus Classic (won by Bob Byman in its inaugural year)

Which MIami attraction first opened in 1936 as Parrot Jungle? Jungle Island

Florida boasts more golf courses than any other state. Approximately how many golf courses are located within the state? 1,250

Which other names were once considered for the Orlando Magic? Heat, Tropics, Juice

The world’s first pair of water skis (dating from 1922) can be found at which Polk City, Florida, museum? Water Ski Hall of Fame & Museum

Which Florida river was designated as the state’s only “Florida Wild and Scenic River” by the Florida State Legislature in 1985? Myakka River

Name the Miami Beach pharmacist who invented the first widely used suntan lotion in 1944. Benjamin Green

Where was Bubba Watson, winner of the 2012 Masters Tournament, born? Bagdad, Florida

Which former Miami Dolphins head coach holds the NFL record for the most career wins with 347? Don Shula

Name the final major Civil War battle fought within Florida borders in 1865. Battle of Natural Bridge

Two of Ernest Hemingway’s uncashed royalty checks hang on the wall at of which Key West bar? Sloppy Joe’s

Name Florida’s first spoken history museum? Amelia Island Museum of History

Which historic house in St. Augustine is considered the oldest surviving Spanish Colonial dwelling in Florida? Gonzalez-Alvarez House

In 1987 the Florida legislature designated which animal as the official state reptile? American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis)

Which Florida fort was constructed in 1837 under the supervision of Lt. Col. Benjamin K. Pierce (brother of Franklin Pierce)? Fort Pierce

Name Jimmy Buffett’s Key West anthem that reached No. 8 on the Billboard charts in 1977. “Margaritaville”

What is the name of the haunted doll that resides at the Fort East Martello Museum & Gardens in Key West? Robert

The Conch Republic Independence Celebration each April celebrates which island’s “secession” from the U.S. in 1982? Key West

Aviator Tony Jannus flew the world’s first scheduled passenger service airline flight between which two Florida cities in 1914? St. Petersburg, Tampa

The 1948 movie “Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid, which starred William Powell and Ann Blyth, was filmed at which Florida springs? Weeki Wachee Springs

Florida is home to the largest venomous snake in North America. Name it. Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

Which Florida town is known as both “Florida’s Peaceful Beach” and the “Jewel of Florida’s East Coast”? Flagler Beach

Name the professional wrestler who was inducted into the Florida Sports Hall of Fame in 2007. Hulk Hogan

Which Florida city is home to Skydive City, one of the world’s largest skydiving drop zones? Zephyrhills

Which Florida city operates the largest urban park system in the United States with more than 80,000 acres devoted to community parks? Jacksonville

2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model Kate Upton grew up in which Florida city? Melbourne

Founded in 1916, the PGA of America is headquartered in which Florida city? Palm Beach Gardens

Scenes from “Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo” (1944) were filmed at which Florida air force base? Eglin Air Force Base

In 1917, the first off-campus center was established for the University of Florida in which town to study ways of improving citrus growing? Lake Alfred

Which Amish community in Sarasota draws thousands of Amish visitors from the North during the winter months? Pinecraft

Name the Key West attraction that is home to approximately 40-50 polydactyl (six-toed) cats. Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum

Which state park in White Springs features the largest whitewater rapids in Florida? Big Shoals State Park

The lodge at which Florida state park was built in 1937 by financier Edward Ball? Wakulla Springs Lodge at Wakulla Springs State Park

In 1972, the head spring of which Florida river was declared a National Natural Landmark by the U. S. Dept. of the Interior? Ichetucknee River

Which NBA legend was born in Orlando and got drafted straight out of Evans High School to the Philadelphia 76ers? Darryl Dawkins

Which Florida town is known as both the “Town of Murals” and “The Caladium Capital of the World”? Lake Placid

Based on the Tennessee Williams play, which 1955 film that starred Anna Magnani was filmed in Key West? The Rose Tattoo

According to legend, Jimmy Buffett’s first Key West gig was at which bar? Chart Room Bar

What Key West attraction began construction as part of the Works Progress Administration program and opened in 1935? Key West Aquarium

Which actor who portrayed “Milton” in Office Space was born in Sarasota and graduated from the University of Florida? Stephen Root

Walt Disney’s parents, Elias and Flora, were married on New Year’s Day, 1888, in which Florida town? Kismet (now a ghost town)

At Sloppy Joe’s in Key West hangs a Cuban record blue marlin (weighing 569 lbs.) caught by which writer in 1978? Phil Caputo

In March 1936, President Roosevelt visited Winter Park and was conferred an honorary degree in literature at which college? Rollins College

Established in 1928, which Lighthouse Point restaurant has hosted the likes of FDR, Winston Churchill and Errol Flynn? Cap’s Place Island Restaurant

Which fort was built in 1837 near present day Christmas, Florida, during the Second Seminole War? Fort Christmas

Which 1982 raunchy teen comedy was partly based on director Bob Clark’s experiences at Ft. Lauderdale High School? Porky’s

Opened in 1975, what shopping center later evolved into Downtown Disney? Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village

Directed by Carl Reiner and starring John Candy, which 1985 comedy was filmed in Madeira Beach? Summer Rental

Florida’s State Song, “Old Folks at Home” (“Swanee River”) was written by which composer (who never set foot in Florida)? Stephen Foster

Born in Muscogee, Florida, which pioneer American aviator was the first woman to break the sound barrier? Jacqueline Cochran

Scenes from which 1990 Tim Burton movie were filmed at the Southgate Shopping Center in Lakeland? Edward Scissorhands

Set in Key West, which 1973 Thomas McGuane novel was made into a movie in 1975 with Peter Fonda? Ninety-Two in the Shade

Which actor graduated from Orlando High School in 1926 and attended both the University of Florida & Rollins College? Buddy Ebsen

Which Florida city lies along the St. Johns River and is believed by some to be home to the “Original Fountain of Youth”? Green Cove Springs

In 2003, which Florida city was proclaimed the “South’s Most Haunted Town” by ABC News. Monticello

The town of Alligator was incorporated in 1859 and changed its name to what? Lake City

On November 14, 1969, who was the first U.S. president to attend a space launch (Apollo 12)? Richard Nixon

Looe Key was named after which British warship that ran aground on the reef and sank in 1744? HMS Looe

Which is the third-largest national park in the continental U.S. after Death Valley and Yellowstone? Everglades National Park

Which Florida island was home to the famed Cocolobo Club, which once hosted the likes of presidents Harding, Hoover, Johnson and Nixon? Adams Key

Name Florida’s official state play, which was performed at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre between 1965 and 1996. Cross and Sword

Which U.S. president formally dedicated Everglades National Park on December 6, 1947? Harry S. Truman

Established in 1912, which is considered Miami’s oldest bar? Tobacco Road

What is the name of the Miami estate where poet Robert Frost spent his winters? Pencil Pines

Which 1965 novel that later became a critically acclaimed movie starring Paul Newman was based on author Donn Pearce’s own experiences on a Florida chain gang? Cool Hand Luke

Which Florida state park was created in 1916 as the first protected area in the Everglades? Royal Palm State Park

Underwater scenes from which disaster flick that starred Jack Lemmon were filmed at Wakulla Springs? Airport ’77

Which annual sailboat race held on the St. Johns River is the world’s longest river race? The Mug Race

Which Bradenton eatery was named one of the “Top 5 Weirdest Restaurants in America” by Al Roker? The Linger Lodge

Which founder of the “Famous Amos” chocolate chip cookie brand was born in Tallahassee, Florida? Wally Amos

Florida boasts approximately how many freshwater springs? 700

Which Florida community was founded by eccentric religious leader Cyrus Teed, who formed the Koreshan Unity in the late 1800s? Estero

Scenes from the 1978 movie, “Jaws 2,” were filmed in which Florida community? Navarre Beach

Which famous author once dubbed Key West the “St. Tropez of the poor”? Ernest Hemingway

Which legendary rock star and Florida native appeared in a FSU promotional film in 1964? Jim Morrison of The Doors

The monument at MM 82 in Islamorada memorializes the victims of which natural disaster? 1935 Labor Day Hurricane

Which Florida community hosts a “Worm Gruntin’ Festival” each April? Sopchoppy

Established in 1886, which is the oldest continuously run library in Florida? Walton-DeFuniak Library in DeFuniak Springs

Name the Florida state park that features one of the longest underwater cave systems in the continental United States. Wes Skiles Peacock Springs State Park

Which legendary ballplayer owned a beachfront house on Treasure Island after he retired from baseball? Babe Ruth

The Plantation Preserve Golf Course in Plantation, Florida, was the site of the famous pool scene in which 1980 comedy? Caddyshack

Which low-budget horror movie (now a cult classic!) was filmed in St. Cloud, Florida, in 1964? Two Thousand Maniacs!

Which Florida city was the birthplace of Foolish Pleasure – winner of the 1975 Kentucky Derby? Williston

Who was the first U.S. president to visit Winter Park, proclaiming it “the prettiest place I have seen in Florida”? Chester Arthur

Which Florida community is home to the “Heartbreak Hotel.” Kenansville

Started in 1957, which “alligator & crocodile adventure” in Palmdale is one of the few remaining Florida roadside attractions? Gatorama

Completed in 1887, which 175-foot-high lighthouse has 203 steps and is the tallest lighthouse in Florida? Ponce de Leon Lighthouse

Established in 1905, which Tampa eatery is the oldest Spanish restaurant in Florida? Columbia Restaurant

Now a museum in Everglades National Park, which store was opened in 1906 by one of the area’s first settlers? Historic Smallwood Store

The Fairchild Oak at which Florida state park is one of the largest live oaks in the South and more than 800 years old? Bulow Creek State Park

With nine miles of undeveloped beaches and dunes, which state park is the longest beachfront park in Florida? St. George Island State Park

Which Florida beach ranked No. 1 on Dr. Beach’s list of the “Top 10 Beaches in the U.S.” for 2011? Siesta Beach

At 73 feet, the waterfall at which Florida state park is the highest waterfall in the state? Falling Waters State Park

In 1873, author Harriet Beecher Stowe published which memoir about her winters spent in Mandarin, Florida? Palmetto Leaves

Which Florida town was the subject of a controversial 1981 documentary by acclaimed director Errol Morris? Vernon, Florida

Which 1948 musical comedy that starred Esther Williams was filmed on Anna Marie Island? On an Island with You

Established in 1933, which St. Petersburg bookstore is Florida’s largest new and used bookstore with more than 300,000 books? Haslam’s

Established in 1903 and located East of Sebastian, which was the first designated wildlife refuge in the country? Pelican Island

Which Florida city boasts more than 400 miles of canals, more than any other city in the world? Cape Coral

Scenes from which 2001 horror movie were filmed in Dunnellon, Florida? Jeepers Creepers

Which blues legend is buried in Rosemary Hill Cemetery in Bronson, Florida? Bo Diddley

In 1964, Ronnie Van Zant, Allen Collins & Gary Rossington formed “My Backyard” in Jacksonville that evolved into which famous band? Lynyrd Skynyrd

The final action sequence in which 1994 movie was filmed on the old Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys? True Lies

Incorporated in 1916, which city is known as the “Hub City” of Northwest Florida? Crestview

Who officially dedicated Walt Disney World Resort during a nationally televised ceremony on October 25, 1971? Roy Disney

Which singer/songwriter first arrived in Key West in November 1971 with singer and songwriter Jerry Jeff Walker (“Mr. Bojangles”)? Jimmy Buffett

Which American writer once owned a home at 1431 Duncan Street in Key West? Tennessee Williams

Which longtime Jacksonville resident, author and surgeon published 56 books that sold an estimated 60 million copies? Frank G. Slaughter

Which legendary author had the first residential pool built in Key West in the late 1930s at a cost of $20,000? Ernest Hemingway

Which “gangsters” were killed by the FBI during a shootout in Ocklawaha, Florida, on January 16, 1935? Kate “Ma” Barker and her son, Fred

Name the lead singer of Blondie who was born on July 1, 1945, in Miami, Florida. Debbie Harry

Which rock star was born in Gainesville, graduated from Gainesville High School and worked briefly on the grounds crew at the University of Florida? Tom Petty

Which Key West street is known as the “World’s Longest Street” since it runs from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico? Duval Street

Which Florida city is known as the “Cradle of Naval Aviation”? Pensacola

Which legendary boxer is buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens in Fort Lauderdale? Rocky Marciano

At 33 miles long, which is the largest of the Florida Keys? Key Largo

Which Florida city takes its name from the Calusa language and means ”heaven’s place”? Kissimmee

At 1,545 feet long, which is the longest pier in the Gulf of Mexico? Navarre Beach Fishing Pier

Founded in 1821, which Florida town is considered Florida’s oldest inland settlement? Micanopy

Which state park is home to the only surviving plantation house in South Florida? Gamble Plantation Historic State Park

Which Florida town was once known as the “Pineapple Capital of the World”? Jensen Beach

What is the name of the “gravity hill” in Lake Wales where cars appear to roll uphill? Spook Hill

Which Florida city is known as the “Stone Crab Capital of the World”? Everglades City

Once a major citrus production area, which Florida city was known as the “Home of the Tangerine”? Brooksville

What is the name of the oldest bald cypress tree in the world (a 3,500-year-old, 118 ft. tall tree in Big Tree Park in Longwood)? The Senator

Which state park is the site of the second largest Civil War Battle in Florida? Natural Bridge Battlefield State Park

At 310 miles, which is the longest river in Florida and one of the few rivers in the U.S. that flows north? St. Johns River

Opened in 1903 on Amelia Island, which is Florida’s oldest continuously operated drinking establishment? Palace Saloon

Which Florida city is known as the “Canoe Capital of Florida”? Milton

Which Florida town is known as the “Possum Capital of the World”? Wausau

Which Beat Generation writer died of a severe hemorrhage in St. Petersburg on Oct. 21, 1969? Jack Kerouac

Which famous evangelist attended Florida Bible Institute (now known as Trinity College) in New Port Richey? Billy Graham

Which Florida lake is one of the two almost perfectly round circular spring-fed lakes in the world? Lake DeFuniak

Which former Florida museum boasted having Jayne Mansfield’s “death car” and Bonnie & Clyde’s “getaway car” in its collection? Tragedy in U.S. History Museum

With only 41 acres, which is the smallest state park in Florida? Fort Mose Historic State Park

Known as “The Father of Death Metal,” which late musician grew up in Altamonte Springs? Chuck Schuldiner

Which author wrote his most popular work, the post-apocalyptic novel “Alas, Babylon,” while living in Tangerine, Florida? Pat Frank

Which Florida state park is known as “the Amazon of North America”? Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park

Which is Florida’s southernmost state park? Fort Zachary Taylor

Which Florida community celebrates an annual Sweet Corn Festival? Zellwood

Which Florida bar is billed as “The Oldest Lounge in the Oldest City”? Tradewinds Lounge, St. Augustine

Which Florida city is known as “The Gem City of the St. Johns River”? Palatka

Which Florida community served as the filming location for the 1998 movie, “The Truman Show”? Seaside

Which is Florida’s largest urban park? Oleta River State Park

Which Florida historic site is known for its “Talking Walls”? Historic Haile Homestead, Gainesville

Established in 1946, which Florida attraction is the second oldest marine mammal facility in the world? Theater of the Sea, Islamorada

Which is the only Florida county named for an animal? Manatee County

Which Florida museum is home to Snooty, the oldest living manatee in captivity? South Florida Museum, Bradenton

With 1,043,336 visitors in 2010, which is the most visited state park in Florida? Honeymoon Island State Park

Dedicated in 1943, the 40-foot-high Monument of States is located in which Florida city? Kissimmee

What was the name of the World War II U.S. Army training center at Carrabelle, Florida? Camp Gordon Johnston

Which Florida city hosts an annual Frog Leg Festival? Fellsmere

Which Florida community boasts the smallest post office in the United States? Ochopee

Which museum is billed as “Florida’s Only Presidential Museum”? Harry S. Truman Little White House, Key West

Which Florida city is known as the “Oyster Capital of the World”? Apalachicola

Which Florida city is known as the “City of Swans”? Lakeland

Which Florida city was once known as Scratch Ankle and hosts a Scratch Ankle Festival each April? Milton

“Creature from the Black Lagoon” (1954) was filmed at which Florida springs? Silver Springs, Wakulla Springs

Which Florida city boasts a historical marker that proclaims “KUDZU DEVELOPED HERE”? Chipley

Opened in 1932, which is Florida’s oldest diner? Angel’s Diner, Palatka

Which Florida city is known as “The City of Southern Charm”? Marianna

Opened in 1934, which was Key West’s first tourist attraction? Key West Aquarium

“Big Daddy” Don Garlits’ museum in Ocala chronicles the history of which sport? Drag Racing

Which legendary conservationist founded Florida Defenders of the Environment in 1969? Marjorie Harris Carr

Which Pro Football Hall of Famer (nicknamed the “Secretary of Defense”) was born in Eatonville, Florida? Deacon Jones

Which Florida town is often called “the little town that time forgot”? Micanopy

Which Florida key was called “Cayo Vivora” (Rattlesnake Key) by early Spanish explorers because of its shape? Long Key

The state recreation area at Flagler Beach was named for which legendary Florida folk singer? Gamble Rogers

Which Florida city is known as the “Sailfish Capital of the World”? Stuart

Opened in 1996, which is the oldest microbrewery in Florida? Dunedin Brewery

Founded in 1886, which Florida city is known as “The City of Charm”? Avon Park

Which museum “celebrates the heritage of Florida’s forest industry”? Forest Capital Museum State Park

Which legendary NASCAR driver was born in Tavares, Florida? Fireball Roberts

Which Florida city is known as “The Chain of Lakes City”? Winter Haven

Ted Cassidy, best known as “Lurch” from “The Addams Family,” played basketball for which Florida university? Stetson University

Which 1981 comedy featuring a waterskiing elephant named “Bubbles” was filmed in Mount Dora? Honky Tonk Freeway

Which Florida city is nicknamed “The City on the Circle”? Sebring

What is the name of the strait that separates Captiva Island from Sanibel Island? Blind Pass

Which small island connects to Marathon via the Old Seven Mile Bridge? Pigeon Key

Which Florida town is known as the Gulf Coast’s “last surviving fishing village”? Cortez

Which St. Augustine museum is located within the former Hotel Alcazar (built in 1887)? Lightner Museum

Which two museums are located at Sebastian Inlet State Park? McLarty Treasure Museum, Sebastian Fishing Museum

Which is the largest barrier island within Southwest Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands area? Marco Island

Which city is home to the Florida Azalea Festival, one of the state’s oldest festivals? Palatka

Which renowned scuba diving spot is known as “Florida’s Pre-historic Spring”? Devil’s Den

Fort Foster Is part of which Florida state park? Hillsborough River State Park

Which is the only state park in Florida to offer horseback riding on the beach? Amelia Island State Park

The “Little White House” in Key West served as the winter house of which U.S. president? Harry S. Truman

Which Florida attraction is the “Home of the Drive Through Safari Adventure”? Lion Country Zoo, West Palm Beach

Which Florida attraction is home to “Winter the Dolphin”? Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Name the botanical paradise that lies in the midst of St. Petersburg, Florida, and is the city’s oldest living museum. Sunken Gardens

Which historic Tallahassee home is nicknamed “The House That Rhymes”? The Knott House

Which Florida state park features “a bowl-shaped cavity 120 feet deep” that “leads down to a miniature rain forest”? Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park

What is the name of the Goodyear Blimp that is housed in the Pompano Beach Air Park? The Spirit of Innovation

Which Florida city is nicknamed the “Yachting Capital of the World”? Fort Lauderdale

Which Key West bar is billed as “A Sunny Place for Shady People”? Green Parrot Bar

Which Florida university is home to the Gillespie Museum of Minerals? Stetson University

Which Florida city calls itself “The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village”? Destin

Which Florida cemetery features quirky inscriptions such as “I Told You I Was Sick” and “Devoted Fan of Julio Iglesias”? Key West Cemetery

Which legendary Daytona Beach bar lies across the street from a cemetery (“You’re Better Off Here Than Across the Street”)? Boot Hill Saloon

Which Florida city is known as the “Golf Capital of the World”? Naples

Which 10-time World Champion professional surfer was born in Cocoa Beach? Kelly Slater

Which 1950’s pop star was born in Jacksonville, Florida? Pat Boone

What was the name of the former museum in Gainesville dedicated to archery and bow hunting? Fred Bear Museum

Which Florida city is known as the “Heart of Florida”? Haines City

Who won the inaugural Daytona 500 in 1959? Lee Petty

Scenes from “Ghost Story,” a 1981 horror film starring Fred Astaire, were filmed at which Florida university? Stetson University

Which Key West bar is billed as “A Last Little Piece of Old Key West”? Schooner Wharf Bar

Ray Charles grew up in which small Florida town? Greenville

Whose winter retreat in Fort Myers was built in 1887 and known as “Seminole Lodge”? Thomas Edison

Which Florida construction project was originally known as “Flagler’s Folly”? Overseas Railroad

Which Florida city is known as the “Speckled Perch Capital of the World”? Okeechobee

Opened in 1937 by Waldo Sexton, which Vero Beach inn is listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places? Driftwood Inn

Which legendary heavy metal guitarist was killed in a plane crash at a private airport in Leesburg on March 19, 1982? Randy Rhoads

Which author of the 1944 best-selling novel, Strange Fruit, was born in Jasper, Florida? Lillian Smith

Which Florida city is known as the “Horse Capital of the World”? Ocala

Which Florida city calls itself the “Gem of the Suwannee Valley”? Chiefland

Which Florida town has served as the retirement & off-season home to thousands of carnival & circus show people? Gibsonton

Which Florida city is nicknamed the “Sunshine City”? St. Petersburg

What was the original name of Sun Life Stadium, the home of the Miami Dolphins? Joe Robbie Stadium

Which Apalachicola festival is known as “Florida’s Oldest Maritime Event”? Florida Seafood Festival

People come from miles around to have their holiday mail postmarked at which festive-named Central Florida community? Christmas

Built in 1876, which is the last remaining shipwreck life-saving station on Florida’s Atlantic Coast? House of Refuge at Gilbert’s Bar

Which late billionaire owned a winter estate in Ormond Beach called The Casements? John D. Rockefeller

Which famous Stephen Crane short story involves survivors of a shipwreck off the Florida coast? The Open Boat

Which Florida city is known as the “gateway to nature and space”? Titusville

Jungle Island, an interactive zoological park in Miami, was originally known by what name? Parrot Jungle

Which famous prop comedian was born in Rockledge, Florida, in 1965? Carrot Top

Which Academy Award-winning actress was born in Bascom, Florida, in 1941? Faye Dunaway

Incorporated in 1925, which Florida city is known as “America’s Sweetest Town”? Clewiston

Opened in Sarasota in 1940, which is one of the oldest continuously operating attractions in the State of Florida? Sarasota Jungle Gardens

Which Florida Key is known as “The Dive Capital of the World”? Key Largo

Which Florida island is known as the “Isle of Eight Flags”? Amelia Island

Pirate’s World, the former buccaneer-themed amusement park (1967-1975), was located in which Florida city? Dania

The Overseas Highway crosses how many bridges? 42

The section of U.S. 41 that runs between Tampa and Miami is commonly known as what? Tamiami Trail

Which Florida author wrote “A Land Remembered”? Patrick Smith

Which Florida City will celebrate the 450th anniversary of its founding in the year 2015? St. Augustine

The annual Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival is celebrated during the third weekend in October in which Florida city? Niceville

What is the former name of the Florida Turnpike? Sunshine State Parkway

Which former professor of creative writing at the University of Florida wrote the novel ‘A Feast of Snakes’? Harry Crews

Where in Florida could you find the “world’s longest continuous sidewalk”? Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa

Which TV show starring Lloyd Bridges was filmed at Silver Springs between 1958 and 1961? Sea Hunt

Which Florida city is known as the “Venice of America”? Fort Lauderdale

Since its opening in 1977, which museum has been a center for Japanese arts and culture in South Florida? Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

Which is Florida’s least populous county? Liberty County (approximately 8,000 residents)

Which State Historic Site commemorates the largest battle fought in Florida during the Civil War? Olustee Battlefield State Historic Site

Which Florida city is known as “The Athens of Florida”? DeLand

Built in 1839, which is Florida’s oldest lighthouse? Amelia Island Lighthouse

Which state park is home to the Wesley House, which has the 2nd largest known collection of Louis XVI furniture in the U.S.? Eden Gardens State Park

Which Florida Key has earned its reputation as “The Sports Fishing Capital of the World”? Islamorada

Which Florida city was once known as “hogtown”? Gainesville

Which Florida city is known as the “Winter Strawberry Capital of the World”? Plant City

Which Florida city features a sign welcoming you to the “Home of Pelican Island, friendly people and 6 old grouches”? Sebastian

Which Florida college was founded by New England Congregationalists in 1885? Rollins College

Which was designated the official state gem of Florida in 1970? Moonstone

Which Florida city is known as the “Shark Tooth Capital of the World”? Venice

Which Florida city is “The Home of the 12 Hour Grand Prix”? Sebring

Which is the largest of the Florida Keys? Key Largo

Which Florida beach placed No. 2 on “Dr. Beach’s top 10 beaches in America 2009”? (Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii was No. 1.) Siesta Beach

Which Florida city is known as “The Sunrise City”? Fort Pierce

Which author of ‘Their Eyes Were Watching God’ grew up in Eatonville, Florida? Zora Neale Hurston

The John Gorrie Museum State Park in Apalachicola serves to commemorate the man who became a pioneer in which field? Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Which 1962 Elvis Presley musical was filmed in Florida? Follow That Dream

Who took the stage for the first show at the old Orlando Arena on January 30, 1989? Bill Cosby

Encompassing approximately 58 square miles of land and waterways, which is Florida’s largest state park? Myakka River State Park

Which Florida city is known as “The City of Five Flags”? Pensacola

Which national forest is home to the world’s largest population of red-cockaded woodpeckers? Apalachicola National Forest

Which Florida city is known as the “Phosphate Capital of the World”? Mulberry

The Florida Governor’s Mansion was designed to resemble which U.S. president’s home? Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

Which Florida state park is home to a hippo named Lu? Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park

What defunct Panama City Beach amusement park featured the Starliner roller coaster? Miracle Strip Amusement Park

The building and grounds of which former St. Augustine hotel are today a part of Flagler College? Hotel Ponce de Leon

What is the name of John Ringling’s Italian Renaissance-style mansion in Sarasota? Ca d’ Zan (“House of John”)

Which Central Florida museum contains an outstanding permanent collection of paintings by Earl Cunningham (1893-1977)? Mennello Museum of American Folk Art

Which roadside attraction moved to Anastasia Island in 1920 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places? St. Augustine Alligator Farm

What is the name of the former winter home of James Deering, son of the developer of the Deering Harvest Machine? Vizcaya

Which Florida island was named for the daughter of King George II? Amelia Island

Which famous American writer spent the winter of 1827 in St. Augustine recovering from tuberculosis? Ralph Waldo Emerson

Which famous rock singer and poet was born in Melbourne on December 8, 1943? Jim Morrison

Which actress won the Miss Florida title for 1974? Delta Burke

“Doc Hollywood” was filmed in which small North Central Florida town? Micanopy

Which FL state park boasts a 120-foot-deep sinkhole that is accessible from a stairway leading to a “miniature rain forest”? Devil’s Millhopper State Park

Which national park lies nearly 70 miles West of Key West and is accessible only by seaplane or boat? Dry Tortugas National Park

Which Central Florida museum boasts the world’s most comprehensive collection of works by Louis Comfort Tiffany? The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art

What is the nickname of Stetson University? Hatters

Which Florida state park is home to one of the largest and deepest freshwater springs in the world? Wakulla Springs State Park

Which U.S. President dedicated Bok Tower Gardens on February 1, 1929? Calvin Coolidge

Mel Fisher was an American treasure hunter best known for finding which 1622 shipwreck? Nuestra Señora de Atocha

Which Florida college is home to the largest single-site collection of the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright? Florida Southern College

Which is the only Florida state park to offer cave tours to the public? Florida Caverns State Park

On which Florida Key can you find Flipper’s grave? Grassy Key

Which South Florida attraction has been referred to as “America’s Stonehenge”? Coral Castle

What is the second-largest lake in Florida? Lake George

Which Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist once lived and worked in the tiny community of Cross Creek? Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Which Florida Key is home to Perky’s Bat Tower? Sugarloaf Key

What city in Florida boasts the “World’s Smallest Police Station”? Carrabelle

Which historic neighborhood in Tampa was once known as the “Cigar Capital of the World”? Ybor City

Which Historic Spiritualist Camp founded in 1894 is the oldest active religious community in the Southeastern United States? Cassadaga

The original boat used in the classic 1951 movie, “The African Queen,” is docked on which of the Florida Keys? Key Largo

Famous for its glass bottom boat tours, which attraction is known as “Florida’s Original Theme Park”? Silver Springs

What is the former name of the Astro Orbiter ride in Tomorrowland at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park? Star Jets

What International Drive landmark is known as “Orlando’s only upside-down attraction”? WonderWorks

Which attraction at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park boasts the world’s largest seamless projection screen? Mickey’s PhilHarMagic

Scenes from which 1998 Adam Sandler movie were filmed at the Citrus Bowl in downtown Orlando? The Waterboy