Fear Factor Live Celebrates Its 10,000th Show


It’s been 11 years since the first live show of Fear Factor Live at Universal Studios Florida, and it’s definitely been an exhilarating ride!

If you haven’t seen the show yet—or if you want to refresh those memories—here’s what you can expect:

Fear Factor

Inspired by the NBC television series Fear Factor, this live show has courageous theme park guests compete against each other as they do fearful stunts from high above the ground, while swinging on ropes, and much more. You definitely can’t be afraid of heights for these stunts.

Audience members also have the chance to participate in smaller challenges—but the creepiest of crawlies can’t make your skin crawl!


You’ll even have the “pleasure” of watching people drink a gruesome shake mixed with sour milk and bugs. Which might not even be fully blended!


The best part about this show is that you can be a part of it! Our Fear Factor Live staff recruits theme park guests daily to participate in the show and the various challenges. A casting process is used to select 6 park guests to be contestants in 3 stunts in front of the live audience, with 1 winner for each show.

Next time you visit, stop by the amphitheater located in the World Expo area in Universal Studios Florida. You’ll want to get there an hour or so before the next available show time to sign up.

Whether you take part in the stunts or just watch all the action from the bleachers, it’s unpredictable and unlike anything you’ve ever encountered before.

What’s your favorite memory from the Fear Factor Live show?

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